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Exit Carl Stage Left


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I think Jeremey Loome overlooks the possibility that visa issues may have prevented a trialist like Kayizzi from joining the team in TO and that he may still show up again in Charleston. Beyond that I've never really understood the cult of Carl Robinson. For over 300k a season it would be reasonable to expect him to be the best holding midfielder in the league and a dominant player against MLS opposition. He was close to providing that in 2007 at least in the games when the supporting cast was there (he linked up well with Edu and O'Brien for example) but by last season he was nowhere near providing that level of play. Beyond that if he is such a character guy and the leader in the dressing room why were there so many rumours of internal discord last summer? It's easy to use Mo Johnston as a scapegoat but the person handling the player contract negotiations is never going to be a popular figure in a league with a tight salary cap. With the move away from having a British coach, Robinson's time was always likely to be up and that shift in coaching was always likely to lead to considerable animosity from the clique of players that tended to be favoured by Carver and Cummins on a divided team. Time to turn the page and move on. Preki is slowly going to build a new roster suited for a different more possession oriented style of play rather than a British style 442 and people will need to show a bit of patience as that won't all suddenly unfold overnight.

Beyond that people with no grasp of Scottish idiom should probably avoid trying to write in Scottish dialect. :rolleyes:

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