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nick desanctis is the real problem!!!!


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down below you will find a text that was sent to me about nick desanctis and the days he played...and he is judging sandro grande....look at his days as a player and how bad things he did....he is the real cancer of the impact!!!!!! then we always hear his name involved with explayers...this must mean something. amadou, ribeiro, grande, lars lyssand, andrew weber, charles gbeke, david fronimadis, jason ditullio, darko kolic

Nick is really not the person to be running a team. It's interesting. . At one point, we had a meeting in Joey's office, with the president of the league. We were appealing a suspension, which we thought was harsh. Nick was like a little child. Despite my having told him to be very respectful, he went off, telling the president that he and the league were a joke. Joey was appalled at how stupid Nick had been.

As if to prove the president right, for maintaining the suspension, Nick got a red card in his very next game. It was a playoff game against Rochester. Very early, a Rochester player was taken down - not by Nick. Nick, who wasn't involved in the play, ran over and kicked the player, as he lay on the ground. Nick was a veteran, and the captain. That's how he acted. Now he's passing judgment on Sandro.

I think what Sandro did was wrong. I'm not sure dumping him was the right thing to do. It does seem clear that the decision to fire him was based more on embarrassment than on what he did. He always impressed me as being fairly cool under fire. He got kicked a lot, as a juvenile player, and I never saw him blow up. If he'd have tried that choke on Leroux, Sandro's career would have ended on the spot.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, Nick was never punished by the club for what he did. It seems more like he was rewarded.

If there's a house cleaning, Nick should be among those to go. He's not the man for the job. Of course, Joey, although he loves the game, doesn't really know much either. He relies on people who have their own agendas. The new coach sounds like a real prize too. Can you imagine what things would be like if they had gone into the MLS?

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While I have to admit that Nick is very contraversial as a GM, but I can't take anything away from Nick the Player. 2 championships, one as a player and one as a coach. Captained both the Montreal Supra and Montreal Impact, and has been involved with soccer in Montreal since 1987.

There is also a difference between kicking an opposing player, and strangling a team mate

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