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It's Called Football - GC penalties and JDG to TFC

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On Canada at GC: Canada has Hart (but for how long?). Canada has bad luck with CONCACAF refs (is an understatement, but will the CSA put up with it any longer?). The other side of the draw has an easy road to the finals (but who has the longest?)

On Toronto FC: Julian de Guzman to TFC one step closer (with every passing day), O'Brian White playing for TFC is one leg closer (and playing on Wednesday) and Dwayne De Rosario has one goal more to add to his total (against the best keeper in the league).

On MLS (around the league): What was the surprise win of the week? What was more of a surprise - that Beckham called out a drunk fan or that he didn't get popped in the mouth? And who is in the best position heading into the second half of the season?

All of it on this week's show:


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