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  1. With the Quebec budget having just arrived, we update the MLS to Montreal situation. We also get into what Toronto's approach to the Voyageurs Cup will be this season and who else will joining the TFC squad soon. And TFC's captain Jim Brennan joins us to talk about the year ahead, how close MLS was to a strike, his thoughts on TFC's '09 meltdown and some of its rising stars. He also declares how this is definitely his last year playing professional soccer. Listen to Full show: http://tinyurl.com/yzxwntx Interview Only with Jim Brennan: http://tinyurl.com/y9npv6s
  2. We're joined by CBC's Jason DeVos and Fox Soccer's Ives Galarcep to break down how the league is going to look this year. We get their analysis on how TFC will do this season, which players are going to be this year's standouts and identify which MLS teams are going be flops and those that are continue blazing the paths they did last season. Listen: http://www.24thminute.com/2010/03/it...l-live_24.html iTunes download: http://tinyurl.com/y9npv6s MP3 player download: http://tinyurl.com/ycfvy2t Two other things: - Join us live Friday at 2pm for the Columbus
  3. Paul Beirne, Toronto FC director of business operations, joins us to talk about their MLS Cup bid, plans for allocating the new stadium seating, beer prices at BMO and the new paperless entry system that they will have available for this season. And we're also joined by Sam Pierron - a Kansas City Wizards writer who is attending every away game this year and writing about it on Big Soccer - who shares his insights on KC and observations on MLS today as someone who was a Day 1 fan of the league. We also get into Carl Robinson's departure from TFC, Kevin Hartman's signing with FC Dalla
  4. This week we talk about Vancouver parting ways with the head of their residency program and what that means going forward for the Caps and MLS. We also talk about Philadelphia's new partnership with a USL-2 club and if that is the new standard for development in the league. We get into Toronto FC's pre-season struggles and are joined by the president of Milltown FC, Dino Rossi, to talk about Canada's newest professional franchise. http://www.24thminute.com/2010/03/its-called-football-guest-dino-rossi.html
  5. Hamilton-Croatia joined the CSL yesterday http://www.thespec.com/Sports/article/719173
  6. We're joined by the NASL's newest GM - Mel Kowalchuk of FC Edmonton - as he tells about why this team will be a success where others have failed, what their stadium plans are and how they plan to develop players and succeed in the Voyageurs Cup. Listen to the Interview Only here: http://itscalledfootball.podhoster.com/index.php?pid=16542 Or download it on iTunes http://tiny.cc/iTunes376
  7. "I never knew I left" - DeRo Dwayne DeRosario addresses some of the rumours that have been circulating about his contract with TFC, clears the air about his intentions for the national team and updates us on the status of his injury. We're also joined by the co-founder of the Sons of Ben to talk some trash and set the scene for the inaugural year of the Philadelphia Union. And Ben Knight and Duane Rollins argue about a tiny star on a TFC kit that will be worn exactly six times. Full Show here: http://tiny.cc/FullShow958 Interview Only with DeRo and the SOB here:
  8. Dwayne DeRosario is out for four weeks. Adrian Serioux could be out for good. The MLS schedule is out - we tell you whot the winners and losers are. And we're joined by Canadian soccer legend and the only man to lead Canada to a World Cup - Tony Waiters - as he tells us his emotional story of qualifying for the World Cup and speaks on what can be done to get Canada back there in the years to come For the full show: http://tiny.cc/TonyWaiters To listen to the Interview Only: http://tiny.cc/TonyWaitersItunes
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong - but has he not be out of Holland's plans for a while now? That's what I had been told and assumed was so
  10. Chad Barrett's broken foot, Thierry Henry staying at Barca, the WPS losing its Sol and the MLS CBA - all on today's show. And we're joined by Julian DeGuzman from Florida where he speaks on Toronto FC's upcoming season, the locker room at the end of last season, his brother's intentions for Canada and his training camp with Stephen Hart. Plus he gets into his time at Deportivo (and not getting paid to play) as well as the matchfixing that has plagued Europe. http://tiny.cc/FullShow The Interview Only of Julian DeGuzman is available on iTunes http://tiny.cc/InterviewOnl
  11. How close is MLS to a lockout? Will Stuart Holden land with Bolton? Is Jonathon De Guzman angling for a return to Canada? We try to answer these questions as John Molinaro from CBC Sports joins us to talk about Toronto FC's draft hopes, what went on in their locker room last season and discuss when (if ever) Canada will make a World Cup Full show: http://www.metronews.ca/toronto/blog/post/421993 Get the Interview Only of John Molinaro from CBC Sports as he speaks on who were the bad apples in Toronto FC's locker room, his thoughts on Jim Brennan as a leader and who on TFC is be
  12. It's part one of the 2009 Year in Review show and Bob Lenarduzzi of the Vancouver Whitecaps joins us to talk about the Caps stadium issues, their fight to get their academy accepted by MLS and where they will be playing next season. After covering it so extensively all year, Kartik Krishnaiyer of MLS Talk also joins us to talk about the ongoing USL v TOA fight and recent USSF decision. We also look back on the year that was in Canadian soccer and talk about Peter Montopoli, Canada's failed World Cup bid and Julian DeGuzman returning home to play in Canada http://www.24thminute
  13. Akron's Teal Bunbury joins It's Called Football to talk about going to MLS, his intentions of playing for the Canadian National Team and his season in NCAA. We also get into the recent TFC roster moves and the CSA players of the year. http://www.24thminute.com/2009/12/it...l-bunbury.html Does your international future lie with Canada? "Yes, definitely." - Teal Bunbury
  14. On the pod today: We speak to Declan Hill, author of the Fix, on the recent developments on the fight against matchfixing in football (read: 'It's hard to imagine understating the corruption in Bulgarian reffing') Also we talk about Amado Guevara's sudden (but not unexpected) departure from Toronto FC and Landon Donovan's very generous pay raise (and what that will mean for MLS on the domestic DP front). http://www.metronews.ca/toronto/blog/post/399771 Also, in honour of his new contract, Landon Donovan picked out a new dress and matching purse. Here's the photo: htt
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