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July 19/09 PDL Toronto Lynx vs Michigan Bucks

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Result of the Sunday July 19, 2009 PDL game between Toronto Lynx and Michigan Bucks played at The Hershey Centre in Mississauga at 5:00pm.

5 min…Lynx Matthew Smith GOAL…Smith slides on ground and kicks in 7 yarder between crowd of players low into net behind goalie Bret Mollon.

33 min…Bucks Moses Advay GOAL…A Bucks defender sends 80 yard ball up middle. Lynx defender lets bouncer by him at 25 yards and Advay flicks 20 yard shot over charging goalie Brandon Heembrock and into open net.

41 min…Bucks Dave Hertel GOAL…A Bucks player takes 45 yard freekick from the left and Hertel steps behind players on edge of Lynx box to blast 15 yard shot over sprawling goalie into middle of net.

53 min…Bucks Zach Scoffili GOAL…Bucks Moses Advay cross through box from right has Bucks Kevin Taylor whiffs shot from 5 yards and ball rolls wide left across box for Bucks Dave Hertel who stops it, rolls it back for Scoffili who rolls 6 yarder under diving goalie.

59 min…Bucks Dave Hertel GOAL…Hertel rush up left holding off defender and shoots 12 yarder behind goalie to right corner of net.

62 min…Lynx Johnathan Costa GOAL…A Lynx player crosses from right and has defender partially clear and Costa blasts loose ball from 15 yards just under bar over arms of goalie.

69 min…Lynx RED card…Dane Roberts earns a direct Red card for tackle on Dave Hertel at Bucks 40 yards. (Hertel had earned a Yellow card a minute earlier for a sliding tackle on Roberts in the same spot). Referee Isaac Raymond confirmed with me after the game that Roberts swung his hand around and hit Hertel in the face.

82 min…Bucks Dave Hertel GOAL…Bucks Moses Advay runs on right and crosses from 20 yards on roller to Hertel who shoots in 10 yarder under goalie.

Final Score:………..Toronto Lynx………2………….Michigan Bucks…………5………..

Attendance was about 150 on this warm day with the weather varying from cloudy to sunny throughout the game.

Bucks listed four subs in their lineup but admitted to the fourth official that three of the guys were probably 50-50 for not getting here (all the way from Michigan!). This was probably just to avoid the fine of not having brought enough subs. They actually had one and brought him in at 87 minutes to play up front although he was listed as the back up goalie. Last year’s season finale also featured Michigan Bucks and they brought only the bare minimum eleven men and still won (although both the Lynx and Bucks made the playoffs in 2008).

The Lynx had only four subs as the younger players and regular head coach Duncan Wilde were away at a tournament in Chicago. Lady Lynx coach Danny Stewart filled in the thankless role.

The Bucks had rush after rush against the Lynx defence. Any chance of a comeback against a tiring Bucks team was snuffed out with 20 minutes to go when the Lynx dropped to ten men.

This was their worst loss of the season topping the 4-1 loss they suffered in their last game against Cleveland Internationals on Wednesday (also a home game). That completes a two win season in sixteen games this year. A very poor season result wise with the team forced out of town for at least five of their home games because of their stadium not being ready for the season opener and then a City of Toronto workers strike preventing them from using Centennial Stadium anyway. They finish last of nine teams in the Great Lakes Division with the fewest wins and points and the most goals given up.

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