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July 8/09 Toronto Lady Lynx vs Laval Comets

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Result of the Wednesday July 8th, 2009 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Laval Comets played at The Hershey Centre in Mississauga at 11:00am.

13 min…Comets Julie Casselman GOAL…Casselman rushes and 20 yard shot from middle is into right corner of net under diving goalie Justine Bernier.

68 min…Comets Josee Charron GOAL…Lady Lynx goalie stops shot from 15 yards on left and pops up rebound which defender whiffs on clearance kick and Charron shoots 10 yarder from right into short right side of net.

Final Score:……….Toronto Lady Lynx……..0…………Laval Comets……..2……..

Attendance was about 150 on this special matinee game on this warm sunny day. The sky clouded up in the second half and a light rain started after the game ended. The game had been moved from Centennial Stadium because of the City of Toronto workers strike. While most of the headlines have been about no garbage pickup, this game was effected by both the movement of the game to this alternate site within the last week and the fact that many of the summer camps where children who make up the attendance at these matinee games have been cancelled because of the strike. Previous year’s summer camp games usually have 800 to 1000.

The teams took to field after 11:00am when the soccer camps permit ended. I heard the Lady Lynx and Comets warmed up at the indoor complex before this game. As soon as the game ended more soccer camps took the field for their 1:00pm times.

Lady Lynx didn’t play well at all in this game. They would have to have had a 100% chance to goal efficiency to earn a tie as they didn’t have more than about two good chances the whole game. There’s was always one more defender on the edge of the box to prevent a shot on goal. Forward passes would always seem to roll behind the end line on the artificial turf. Their defence played competently to limit the Comets chances but goalie Justine Bernier didn’t play well being a bit timid on through balls and not able to cleanly catch long shots.

Comets only brought three subs including a goaltender but actually out-subbed (with two) Lady Lynx who only made one sub. Marie-Michelle Coulomb earned the shutout for the Comets. Lady Lynx only listed four subs but are short five regulars who are away on national team training. The team also just played to a 1-1 tie on Monday night against Hamilton.

Today’s game in effect eliminated the Lady Lynx from any hope of post season play. They had to pass the Comets and a few other teams in the standings. New franchises Buffalo Flash and Quebec City Admirals have come into the league and knocked the Lady Lynx out of their usual Top 3 finish. Next game for Lady Lynx is against the first place Ottawa Fury on Sunday at the Hershey Centre at 1:00pm.

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