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Brasil 2014


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Well I am looking forward to Brasil 2014, I would hope all the Voyageurs will take time to look around their communitys and watch young football players, those who are probably age 14 to 20 yielding in 2014 a group of players from age 19 to 25.

When you see a player with skills and passion, send his name, local club affiliation to:

Director of Coaching & Player Development

Directeur du développement des joueurs et entraîneurs

Ray Clark

Ext. / Poste : 5716

Email / Courriel : ray_clark@soccercan.ca

asking that he ensure the players club Head coach is sent a assessment form to be completed and returned for inclusion of the player in a recruitment data-base, request that you be copied on the correspondence to ensure the CSA get the assessment sent, then update the player data-base.

The base to success in 2014 will be adoption of new ways to find and evaluate players, start sending your potentials to Ray Clark..

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