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Is the 4-5-1 for us?


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For those of you wanting more information on the 4-5-1


Does this sound like what we should be playing at home?

The 4-5-1 - that is four defenders, five midfielders and one striker - is often seen in European games where teams face a tough away fixture and the manager chooses to pack the midfield.

It can be very effective, particularly at keeping possession, and with five midfielders covering the defence it provides a solid base.

Sometimes you will see 10 men behind the ball.

But it also means that attacking options are limited.

The poor old striker often has a lone battle up front.

It works best with a big, strong front man, such as Chelsea's Didier Drogba, who can win the ball in the air and hold it up until support arrives.

Otherwise it can produce relatively few goal-scoring chances.

This system has a lot in common with the 4-3-3 formation, where the wide midfielders join the lone striker.

Jose Mourinho used this particularly well during his time at Chelsea.

Put simply, they play 4-3-3 when they have the ball and 4-5-1 when they do not.

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unfortuneatly we dont have A) speed on the wings (save Issey, Dero has lost a gear lately IMHO) which are soooooo key in this system as the wings have to contribute massively in defensive and offensive sectors B) the quality of service on our wings is below par for this system even in oodles of space our wingers and defenders seem to lack the ability to put in that "world class" ball... that is essential to our lone striker

This game is gonna have to be won through the middle and avoid being lost through the wings, Im confident we can match up with Mexico or any team for that matter up the middle with positive results the wings leave me worried tho....especially with guys like Guardado, Vela and Dos Santos lurking in those sectors

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