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Jules Interview on GOL TV

Guest Ed

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Nice to see a feature interview with Julian last night on GOL-TV. The interview covered questions on his career in Germany and Spain and our national team.

Julian is proud to be the winner of the Gold Cup MVP and also being named MVP of his club. He wants to put Canadian soccer on the world map.

He has high hopes for our national team and expects that this will be Canada's return to the World Cup. He can't imagine a better opportunity to do it.

He said he learned how to be a professional thru his time in Germany. Anybody looking for lessons in how to constantly improve your game, year to year, need look no further than our number 6.

They did erroneously state that he was the first Canadian to play in the Bundesliga.

All in all, a sweet glimpse of how big Julian's name is becoming within CONCACAF at least.

Also, interesting that in that same one hour GOL TV NEWS show, they had clips of several USA players from their training camp for this weekend's rematch with ermuda. To a man, they named Canada as having a good team and that qualification from CONCACAF will not be a cakewalk as in the past.

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