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Womens World Cup Host Bid


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Will Canadas poor showing as a team on the mens U20 side hurt the bid ?

Will Canadas weakening Womens National Program .. and Colins Underfunding statements make the voters in October question Canadas committment to full participation by womens teams.

Will improving programs like Australia get the bid because they are 100 percent behind the development of the womens game ?

What about Peru emerging as host ..fueling a explosion of female team development in South America..with FIFA fully aware of the strength of the Futsall programs for women from school age up..will a World cup in Peru fuel tradtional soccer nation development ?

Who will speak making the Canadian Bid ... the current Chair a Mr. Rocha seems rather unsuited to being impressive... from a footballing way..indeed he was on tv today ..saying how Swanguard has 48,000 seats...when interviewed by Dickie Howard..( who did not correct him ).

The CSA needs to get Hooper to go to the show...and speak to the uncommitted delegates about the game in Canada..and why a Womens World Cup here will spur even more development as well as being a revenue success.

We also need to begin working with the African nations who dont have natural support for any of the bidding cities, to get there votes. The best way to do that is for Colin Linford to promise to send the Canadian Womens team ..to Africa in Summer 2008 before the Bejing Olypics... to tour playing African nations ..as good will ambassadors for the Womens Game.

The plans need to happen now or we wont have the votes...in October 2007, in fact we should have sent the team this year in April and May ...as part of the preparation for the World Cup ...our players were in the Residency camp so they could have been sent. And no doubt there could have been tour funding by DFAIT.

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