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The seedier side of the Sport

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While it is typical of Brazilian Judges to be renegades, the issues with the Tevez transfer in the UK suggest that there is more to this. I've also heard from reliable sources having dealt with him in Brazil that Joorabchian was not an easy individual to work with. I suspect he PO'd some of the wrong people.

Corinthians is also known as one of those clubs that manages in the grey area of legality and simultaneously under the microscope (if that's possible). In a country that desperately wants to be recognized as rapidly moving toward a developed economy, corrupt business dealings are becoming much more difficult to do in back room. Now the media goes after corruption story with paparazzi style and Judges react to the increased limelight. Check out:

From espnsoccernet

Tevez agent arrest warrant issued in Brazil

The Carlos Tevez transfer saga took a fresh twist today after a reports from South America claimed a Brazilian judge had issued an overseas arrest warrant for the player's advisor Kia Joorabchian.

The Brazilian authorities are reported to have instructed Interpol to carry out the arrest of Joorabchian, who is involved in negotiations for the sale of Tevez to Manchester United to West Ham, and Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky. Mr Berezovsky's lawyer was unaware of the issuing of a warrant this morning.

The warrants are reported to relate to suspected money laundering at Brazilian side Corinthians, of which Joorabchian's company Media Sports Investment (MSI) is a majority investor.

Judge Fausto Martin de Sanctis reportedly ordered the club's assets to be frozen and will also investigate international transfers conducted by the club.

Both Corinthians and MSI deny the charges.

Argentina striker Tevez is set to be confirmed as Sir Alex Ferguson's latest summer signing next week after playing in Sunday's Copa America final against Brazil.

Joorabchian, who owns the player's economic rights, insists West Ham have a special place in Tevez's heart but that he has no qualms about moving on.

'Carlos is a bit sad as, in terms of West Ham, he felt very attached to the club last season,' Joorabchian said on Sky Sports News.

'He helped them out of the relegation battle but he is a sportsman, he doesn't understand the administrative bits and pieces.

'He knows he is not fighting with West Ham or demanding anything. He loved his time there and it was mutually agreed he would be there for a year and he has served his year.

'He feels confident now he is a Man United player.'

Personal terms have already been agreed and Tevez is expected to undergo a medical, with Ferguson confident the protracted saga is coming to a close.

Ferguson said last night: 'I think we have got the player - we think he is our player and are very hopeful.

'Everyone was excited when we thought we could get Tevez. He's exciting, his form is fantastic and at 23 he can get better.'

United have agreed an initial loan deal for Tevez with the option of a permanent transfer, which could be worth over £30million.

They had hoped to push the deal through last week but it stalled after the Premier League insisted West Ham, who hold Tevez's registration, must receive the majority of the fee.

That is because West Ham were allowed to keep playing Tevez last season after assuring the Premier League all third-party clauses in the player's contract had been severed.

But Joorabchian is confident he is on sound legal footing to push the transfer through.

He released a statement to PA Sport indicating all three parties involved in the transfer - understood to mean Manchester United, West Ham and his own company MSI - were confident 'the administrative issues will be settled in the next few days'.

Joorabchian added: 'We don't see any problems. I spoke to United tonight and they are confident they will have him registered next week.

'Carlos will come on Tuesday, have a medical on Wednesday at United and hopefully we will have administrative issues sorted next week.

'Personal terms between Carlos and United have been agreed in full. He feels confident now he is a Manchester United player.'

But the deal must still be approved by the Premier League - and their position has not changed.

The league last night warned Tevez's registration will not be transferred to Manchester United unless they are satisfied West Ham conducted the deal.

A spokesman said: 'Any deal for Carlos Tevez has to be done directly with West Ham United.

'They hold the registration and we will not transfer the registration unless a deal is done directly with the club.'

West Ham have also denied a deal has been done.

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