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Ontario Cup Campionship Game


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quote:Originally posted by analyst

Since Scarborough was the 2005 champ and were good enough to be finalists in 2006, I expected they would beat St Anthony's but the Ottawa team proved me wrong. Did anyone watch the game?

Wow an Ottawa sweep for senior Ontario titles - anyone know if that is a first?


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Actually, no Ottawa Team had made it to the nationals Until The Kanata Wizzards 4 years ago. Most of the players came from the Ottawa Wizards the year before. Kanata placed 8th at the nationals I think.

Then some of the Kanata Players moved to the Ottawa Royals and they made the nationals and won the silver medal.

Last year Ottawa Royals and St. Anthony made the quarter finals in the ontario cup but lost.

This year a few players moved from the Royals to St. Anthony (from Kanata/from Wizzards) and St. Anthony are now Ontario reps.

I guess these players do contribute to a successful team.

The Ottawa Royals Womans team won the ontario cup this year and are off to the nationals.

So, after decades of Toronto area dominance, Ottawa has sent 4/8 teams to the nationals in the last 4 years. Now with the Ottawa Fury high level of coaching and the fact that the registration of soccer players in the ottawa region has more than doubled in the last 5 years expect a few more teams from the ottawa area representing ontario at the nationals.

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