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AUS Men's Soccer 2006


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quote:Originally posted by aussoccerfan

I thought that the AUS deserved its own thread.

If I posted this in the CIS thread, it would probably be ignored, because most people ignore Atlantic Canada.

Kewl with me, I've been wrong once before.

Hmmmmm, what to do what to do......I'll stick with you here then instead of posting the same thing on both threads.

AUS/SUA scoreboard

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quote:Originally posted by soccerman2

Can you tell me how the point system work.

How is it decided which games are 4 points for a win

and which games are 2 points for a win.


Games played between teams that play each other twice a season are 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.

Games played between teams that play each other once a season are 4 points for a win and 2 points for a tie.

The top 6 make the playoffs with 3 and 6, 4 and 5 playing a quarter final game.

Championship week-end is Nov 2-5 at UNB for the men. UCCB for women

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The AUS this year is probably the lowest quality it's been in a decade. Dal is horrible, all of their good players are gone. ST FX and Acadia have no talent at all . While Saint Marys will probably be the favorite still, this years team would get skunked by past SMU teams of 1999-2003 that included a)much older players b)players of higher individual quality like mesut mert and tim mullen. Cape Breton will be better this year, not because their an improved team, but because the league has got so bad. UPEI is a very young team with no experienced stand outs like the O'Connell brothers or Ryan Anstey but will be competitive with Lewis Page at the helm. I think UNB will be quite good with their strong core and midfield dynamo John Fish. Look for Memorial to be a factor this year as most of their players have been on the team for 3+ years, although memorial never seems to be as competitive when their not playing at home. Mount A and Moncton should be garbage as usual.

My final 4 predictions are SMU, UNB, UPEI, Memorial/CB

Finalists UPEI/UNB

Champs UNB

I think The AUS's decision to award playoff hosting rights at the beginning of the season, is not for organizations sake, but an attempt to even out the league as SMU would probably get to host every playoff tournament forever on their turf as it stands with 1st place hosting.

Adding a day off between the quarterfinal and semi final to allow more rest will make the playoffs more fair, because in the mens league its impossible to play 3 straight days and wim. Only one team has been able to do it, since the format was implemented in the early 90's.

If it weren't for the old East/ West division where UPEI or UNB got to host every 2 years and play weaker teams all the time, the playoffs wouldnt have left halifax since the ST FX Teams of 93'94. No way UPEI would have won in 2002 if it was playing on dal or SMU turf instead of a snow storm at UPEI in front of 3000 fans.

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Game Results-

Sept. 9/06

Memorial 3

Moncton 1

Saint Mary's 2

Cape Breton 0

(Game Photos will be posted soon)


Mount Allison 0

Dalhousie 2

Stfx 0

Sept. 10/06

Memorial 2

Mount Allison 2

Cape Breton 2

Dalhousie 0


Acadia 2

Stfx 0

Saint Mary's 0

(Game Photos will be posted soon)


Moncton 0

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