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C.S.L. Week 14


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London City took a 2-0 lead on goals by Michel Daoust at the 18 min. mark and Bernard AL chaar at the 43 min. mark to close out the first half.

North York Astro's closed the gap at the 52 min. mark on a goal by Arun Antonczyk.

London City's Michel Daoust put in his second goal of the game at the 72 min. mark to give London City a 3-1 victory over North York.

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Result of the Friday August 25th, 2006 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Italia Shooters played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:30pm.

Final Score:………..Serbian White Eagles…….0………Italia Shooters…….0………

Attendance was about 500 people on this cool and overcast evening. The field was wet from earlier rain in the day. The threat probably limited their walk up gate. A light rain started in the second half and really poured on the drive home.

Describing a 0-0 score is usually dull but this game opened up in the second half and there were plenty of rushes and counterattacks. Dusan Belic earned the shutout for the White Eagles had to be sharp and Camilo Benzi kept them off the scoreboard in the Shooters goal and had some difficult saves to make.

Belic had a save and some luck at 40 minutes when IS Fitzroy Christie’s 12 yard pass into box from the right and IS Sean Myers has shot from 10 yards in middle that has Belic bobble on his knees and ball deflect off left post and back to him for catch. At 52 minutes he had to catch IS Stalin Cardenas’s big blast from 25 yards soon after IS Frank Bruno was knocked over on sliding tackle which earned SWE Mark Jankovic a delayed Yellow card after the end of the play. At 58 minutes he had to catch Cardena’s 15 yard shot up the middle.

Shooters had a goal called back at 67 minutes when IS Desi Humphrey’s cornerkick had IS Franco Ruscetta head from 8 yards that Belic bobbled and had an IS forward jostle him and head ball into net but the goal was disallowed. At 93 minutes, Rob Black hit the top of the bar with a 12 yard shot after IS Fitzroy Christie crossed from the left.

Sasa Viciknez took all the corner kicks and free kicks in the offensive zone that I could see. Maybe he is the best on the team but there should have been shared by other team mates because every cross seemed to be headed or knocked away. His best effort was at 50 minutes when his low 25 yard freekick from the right went three WE players trying to poke it in and none of them connected so the ball rolled over the end line wide left. He managed to deflect a low 15 yard shot by sliding and have the ball hit him and deflect over the net. At 60 minutes Viciknez took a cornerkick from the right that had SWE Dragan Radovic’s 6 yard shot stopped point blank by Benzi.

White Eagles players grew frustrated and Dragan Radovic drew a Yellow card for diving in the Shooters box at 82 minutes.

A goalless draw was a fair result in tonight’s game. This was a rough game with a lot of sliding tackles easier to do on the wet field. Referee Silviu Petrescu gave out a log of cards to keep control of the game. A special mention should be given to the Shooters defenders Raj Takhar, Angelo Pollestrone, Franco Ruscetta and Alvaro Yaques who helped their goalie earn the shootouts. For the White Eagles Mario Ostojic, Mark Jankovic, Marko Milanovic and Mirko Medic were the solid defenders.

This was the first time that the White Eagles haven’t won against CSL league competition. As recently as last weekend, they had beaten the Shooters 4-0 when the teams played at The Soccer Centre last Sunday for their third win over them this season. White Eagles next game is this Sunday August 27th against Toronto Croatia for their first time this season. The venue will be the neutral Lamport Stadium (after the neutral Birchmount Stadium is still undergoing renovations).

Rocket Robin


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CSL Commissioner Cary Kaplan is interviewed on The Fan 590 sports radio by Nigel Reed, host of the new Soccer Show and gives his views on what the new MLS team in Toronto means to the CSL.

The link below takes you to that segment:


and the full one-hour show can be heard if you go go directly to The Fan website at fan590.com, then FAN ON DEMAND, which drops down, click on HOT AUDIO, scroll down to The Soccer Show.

Stan Adamson

Executive Director

Canadian Soccer League

7601 Martin Grove Road

Vaughan, Ontario L4L 9E4

TEL: 905-856-5439

FAX: 905-856-9325

Email: stanadamson@canadiansoccerleague.ca

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Saturday, August 26

There were two games in the CSL tonight:

Toronto Supra Portuguese 1, Windsor Border Stars 0

The following game was cancelled due to late arrival of the visiting team:

Laval Dynamites vs. Caribbean Selects

Picture perfect strike

A picture perfect goal by Toronto Supra Portuguese midfielder Adolfo Mella five minutes to halftime was enough to give the visiting Toronto team all three points in an otherwise even contest with Windsor Border Stars at Windsor Saturday.

The well-played encounter was the only action in the Canadian Soccer League with one other scheduled game cancelled when visiting Caribbean Selects were delayed en route to Laval Dynamites and their game was cancelled at the Bois-de Boulogne Stadium at Laval, Quebec.

Mella struck from 23 yards following a corner kick and Windsor goalkeeper Anthony Santilli could only watch the ball enter the net.

The victory gave Supra Portuguese an improved 3-4-6 WLT record for 15 points and fourth place in the International Division as they battle for a play off position.

Windsor remain in fourth place with their 5-6-5 record, tied with Laval Dynamites with 20 points in the National Division.

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Result of the August 27, 2006 CSL game between North York Astros and Brampton Stallions played at Esther Shiner in North York at 8:30pm.

81 minutes...Astros RED card…Misiara Beleshi earns a direct ejection from referee Herminio Lopes for his knee to the chest when Stallions goalie Roy Blanche charged out of the box and headed away a through ball. Blanche was injured in the collision but stayed in the game.

Final Score:……North York Astros………0…………Brampton Stallions………0………..

Attendance was about 40 people on this warm humid night.

Roy Blanche earned the shutout for the Stallions with his aggressive play often running out of the box to clear away through balls. Astros goalie Arthur Zaslavski earned the shutout for the Astros. He also had to be sharp on a few plays.

Best chances were at 6 minutes when Michael Aigbokie’s 29 yard freekick up the middle had Zaslavski block on the left post although he fumbled it and it dropped behind the end line for a cornerkick. At 24 minutes, Astros Janarthan Sadacharalingam (who got in good crosses in all night and who I’d call the non-goalie man of the match) is tipped the ball as he charges in on the right and Blanche charges out of box to make standing point blank save from 25 yards. At the start of the second half Astros Jahmo Welch snaked a 25 yard shot just wide right of the top corner of net. Welch followed up with a cross from 35 yards on the left that had an Astros forward pop up a header and Blanch charge forward to catch it. At 51 minutes the referee ordered an Astros team official off the bench for swearing. At 67 minutes a Stallions player heads the ball over the goalie on the edge of the box and the ball rolls and hits the left post and an Astros defender clears. At 79 minutes Stallions defender Andres Gavioli covered for his goalie who’d missed the ball and Gavioli booted the ball out of the box. In injury time Stallions Kevin McIntosh took an 18 yard freekick up the middle and he chipped over the wall but Zaslavski caught the ball under the bar and threw up field for a fast break but the referee whistled the end of the game.

The game was supposed to start at 8:30pm although at the beginning of the season it was scheduled for 9:00pm. The game actually kicked off at 8:42pm. The Stallions were scrambling for players and started the game with only twelve but as the game wore on they eventually made four subs. That may have been the reason for them stalling the start of the game. I was able to make it to the stadium by 8:30pm even though the Lynx game had just ended half hour earlier. I could probably only do that on a Sunday night without traffic.

I was assured of the playoff structure and that is eight teams make the playoffs. Three from each of the two divisions and two wildcards with the next best records. There will be no automatic spots for the hosts so if North York Astros don’t make the playoffs they won’t be playing. With Toronto based teams expected among the best like Serbian White Eagles and Toronto Croatia, there should be good crowds for the Final Four on the Thanksgiving weekend

Rocket Robin


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