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CSL Week 13

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Result of the Tuesday August 15th, 2006 CSL exhibition game between Caribbean Selects and Harbour View FC from Jamaica played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 8:00pm

24 min…Harbour View Kemar Petrekin GOAL…A short pass finds Petrekin in the middle and his low 18 yard shot is into the left corner of the net beyond goalie Ramon McIntosh.

Final Score:……Caribbean Selects……0………Harbour View FC…….1……..

Attendance was about 350 people by the time the game was ending and they cheered for both sides whenever a good play was made.

The organizers didn’t quite get in a full 90 minute game. The permit as I heard it was granted from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The game before theirs ran until 7:15pm although I wasn’t quite there that early. The announced starting time of the game was to be 8:00pm and the game did kick off at 7:58pm. With the Parks & Recreation staff member saying they’d try and stall the next permit holders. The refs cut halftime to only five minutes and stopped the game at 85 minutes which was just before 9:30pm and a teenage game started immediately. This didn’t satisfy the executive for that game between a local North York team and one from Whitby who said those kids now wouldn’t be home until 1:00am. He sounded like he had made the offer that he would have agreed to play on one of the well lit hydro fields just outside the gates but the P&R guy said he couldn’t allow that.

Before the game started one of the Selects players for the night came over and said if I was going to write anything about this game on the Internet, don’t mention his name. Ahh…now that was because only four players on the team were actual CSL Caribbean Select players. I did recognize quite a few other players but they played for other CSL teams.

Since I didn’t get a game roster and also the Selects wore high numbered t-shirts and some of their subs wore unnumbered t-shirts, there won’t be a play by play write up by me and it also keeps the names anonymous so any player who secretly played won’t be exposed. This “all-star” line-up was very competitive and I almost expected them to tie or win the game. Some of their chances may have been spoiled only because they hadn’t played together before and were caught on quite a few offsides. Defensively, Ramon McIntosh was brilliant making some great flying saves to knock shots away. The defenders were fast enough to catch up to Harbour View players who were on 2 on 1 rushes and get back into the play to stop these advantages. Kevin Wooley sent in some great crosses from the sideline for the visitors.

Micaud Barrett (well I expect it was him as every HV player I’m matching numbers from Sunday night’s game against Serbian White Eagles) earned the shutout for Harbour View although it was his defenders that protected him from many of the shots and the Selects off target shooting that kept them off the scoreboard. The Selects couldn’t break the strategy of making every cornerkick they were awarded a short one and the defenders always broke up their mini rushes before they were near the edge of the box. I saw Barrett early in the game leap in a crowd of players to catch a cornerkick and that might have caused the Selects later game strategy.

Rocket Robin


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St. Catharines in charge

St. Catharines Wolves took charge early and never looked back in their convincing 4-1 defeat of Windsor Border Stars at Club Roma, St. Catharines, the only game in the Canadian Soccer League Wednesday night.

The home side looked strong in moving to a 2-0 halftime lead on goals by Stephen Kamendy at 16 minutes and Ashley McMillan at the 40th minute mark, and this was followed by a strike by Wolves’ midfielder Nemanja Djukanovic at 58 minutes for a 3-0 lead. Border Stars cut the lead to 3-1 on a goal by forward Dominic Scicluna at 79 minutes, but St. Catharines’ defender Matt Waddington put the ball past Windsor goalkeeper Anthony Santilli to make it 4-1 two minutes later, the final score.

The win was an important one for the Garden City side in a battle with Oakville Blue Devils and Windsor in the upper half of the National Division, and St. Catharines improved to a 6-6-4 WLT record for 22 points, in second place, five points in front of Border Stars with their 4-4-5 record.

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Thursday - August 17, 2006

Sean Myers the difference

Italia Shooters’ forward Sean Myers led his team with two goals to a 3-1 victory over National Division leaders Oakville Blue Devils at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan in a rare Thursday game in the Canadian Soccer League.

Forward Jason De Thomasis opened the scoring for Italia following a chippy opening 44 minutes for a 1-0 halftime lead. Blue Devils’ Petro Czoli scored an equalizer three minutes into the second half and following more physical play Myers scored the first of his two goals at 72 minutes, adding his second 12 minutes later.

Oakville’s Sam Hassam was ordered off for violent conduct at the 78th minute mark.

The loss was a big one for the Blue Devils in their bid to win the National Division, they remain on top with 24 points, however, with a 7-4-3 WLT record. The win was important for Italia Shooters as they bid for a playoff spot and they now have an improved 5-4-4 record for 19 points, in third place behind Serbian White Eagles and Toronto Croatia in the International Division.

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Result of the Thursday August 17, 2006 CSL game between Italia Shooters and Oakville Blue Devils played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 9:00pm.

43 min…Shooters Jason De Thomasis GOAL…IS Desi Humphrey 22 yard freekick after hand ball call. Humphrey crosses from left that has De Thomasis charge into box with other players. Ball seems to go over his head but he gets foot to 7 yard shot into right corner of net.

48 min…Blue Devils Petro Czoli GOAL…Czoli gets ball deflected off goalie Camilo Benzi’s chest outside of box and rounds goalie for 15 yard lob on left into center of open net.

71 min…Shooters Sean Myers GOAL…Myers gets bounce through ball and while in alone stops ball on right and his 12 yard shot is just under bar past goalie Sabrahima Traore.

74 min…Blue Devils RED card…Sam Hazam earns the ejection from referee Isaac Raymond for a tackle from behind at center line.

84 min…Shooters Sean Myers GOAL…Myers gets cross from left by IS Josue Jaramillo and his 15 yard shot is over flying goalie into right side of net.

Final Score:………Italia Shooters……..3………..Oakville Blue Devils………1………

Attendance was about 75 on this warm night with a rather late start for a midweek game.

Goal scorer Jason De Thomasis was injured a minute after scoring his goal. The referee whistled for halftime while De Thomasis was still down with his injury four minutes later. The physio continued treatment through the first eight minutes of halftime. It was a neck injury and he was taken to the hospital to check on its extent. When the second half started, Sean Myers was brought in as his sub. Blue Devils Kevin Ricketts was injured at 25 minutes and needed to have Miles O’Connor sub in for him after being treated for 7 minutes in the first half. This really was a rough game. Ex-Toronto Lynx (USL) midfielder Huffman Eja’tabe came in at 78 minutes for the Blue Devils.

The head coach listed for the Shooters is owner Tony De Thomasis. He takes the place of Carmine Isaaco who quit. He’ll be busy at his other coaching position for the University of Toronto men’s team. Back to school in September.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Friday August 18, 2006 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and St Catharines Roma Wolves played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:30pm.

4 min…White Eagles Dragan Radovic GOAL…Radovic receives pass from right and he chips 20 yard shot over goalie Claudio Perry from right into net.

51 min…White Eagles (Wolves own goal) GOAL…SWE Sasa Viciknez 25 yard freekick from right has players charge to left goalpost and Wolves Tonardo Copeland gets foot to ball and deflects it into own net from 4 yards.

81 min…White Eagles Mirko Medic GOAL…SWE Sasa Viciknez cornerkick from left has Medic score as he kicks ball in from even with goalpost 5 yards on left into right side of net.

Final Score:……..Serbian White Eagles……..3………St Catharines Roma Wolves……….0………..

Attendance was about 600 on this hot and humid evening.

The last time these two teams met, the White Eagles won 8-0 in St Catharines with Gabriel Pop scoring five goals. This time although Pop was a starter, he was subbed at only 13 minutes for Mihajlo Bacanin. Pop has been injured within the last few weeks and missed the Toronto Supra Portuguese league game and the Harbourview FC (Jamaica) exhibition game.

Wolves had enough chances to score and one of their best was in first half injury time when Carlo Arghittu got to a pass in the SWE box and his 8 yard shot was blocked by goalie Dusan Belic. Arghittu got the ball back and flicked it up from the left as he’d already passed the net and SWE Mark Jankovic headed the ball over his own net.

At 58 minutes, Wolves Danijil Milojevic’s 25 yard shot through a crowd of players in box had the flying goalie push the ball wide left of goal. At 60 minutes Arghittu took a cornerkick from the left that had Wolves player head the ball through box and Wolves Nemanja Djukanovic leap and kick the ball over the net from 2 yards while all alone on the left post. Dusan Belic preserved his shutout in injury time when Djukanovic’s 30 yard shot that caught him off balance but he recovered in time to make the save near the right post.

Sasa Viciknez took most of the freekicks and cornerkicks for the White Eagles. He was the major part in the final two goals of the night but this was just a small portion of the chances he was given. He earned a Yellow card at 48 minutes for spiking the ball after he slipped just outside the Wolves box and he fell on the ball and the referee whistled him for handball. Mihajlo Bacanin earned applause at 65 minutes when he charged up the middle to beat a defender and the goalie to the ball and his 20 yard shot just missed the right post with the goalie 15 yards off his line. Dragan Radovic and Alex Braletic also had some good chances to put this game away sooner.

This was the seventeenth game of the season for the Wolves but only the eleventh for the White Eagles. I’d expect the number one reason the White Eagles will not stay undefeated for the rest of the season (although after tonight they are 11-0-0 in league play) is because they’ll have so many games in August and September that they’ll tire out or more players will be injured.

Rocket Robin


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Toronto Croatia 6-0 London City 0

Croatia's Goals by Zvjeden Kresic(17 min.) and Halburto Harris(29 min.) gave Toronto a 2-0 lead at the half. Boris Tomac(58 min.) Peter Curic(64 min.) Hayden Fitzwilliams(75 min.) Tommy Ples' goal at the 87 min. closed out the match to give Totonto Croatia the 6-0 win over London City.

Croatia keeper George Azccura recorded the shut out.

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Result of the Saturday August 19, 2006 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and Laval Dynamites played at Memorial Park in Streetsville at 8:00pm.

7 min…Toronto Croatia Boris Maric GOAL…TC Velemir Crljen rush on right, slips pass over to Maric who rolls in 7 yarder under goalie Andrew Olivieri into middle of net.

34 min…Toronto Croatia Boris Maric GOAL…TC Zvjesdan Kresic at 30 yard passes forward to Maric whose low 15 yard shot is into center of net.

50 min…Laval Dynamite Vladimir Edouard GOAL…Edouard gets ball from right and his 20 yard shot from left is low and into right corner of net past diving goalie George Azcurra.

52 min…Toronto Croatia Boris Maric GOAL…Maric gets popped pass from right and he chips 15 yarder to left corner of net.

78 min…Toronto Croatia Tom Granic GOAL…TC Peter Curic passes to left and Granic’s low 15 yard shot is into right side of net. Rachid Madkour picked up a Yellow card from referee Andrew Kravets for complaining that he felt the play should have been flagged offside.

Final Score:……Toronto Croatia……..4……….Laval Dynamites……1………

Attendance was about 100 on this hot humid evening. The field was wet from a light rain earlier in the day. Near the end of the game, fog started to lift from the ground as the weather finally started to cool.

Boris Maric scored a hat trick in the game. I know in a few games earlier in the year, I’d been critical of his inaccurate shooting but tonight he was great so maybe giving him enough chances to play as a starter has helped him mature. Halburto Harris played a great game in the midfield with many rushes up the middle and along the wings and good work defensively. He was knocked around a lot by Dynamites players. Domagoj Sain and Robert Fran played well in the second half to keep Laval from making the game close.

Dynamites only listed two subs and only made one substitution. I’m sure fresh legs would have helped as the game wore on. Croatia eventually made six subs with even back up goalie Mate Jurkin coming in to play for George Azcurra the last six minutes of the game. Caesar Castro played well for Laval and was always there to stir things up with Croatia players. As usual when Laval comes to Ontario on any weekend, they have to play another game and that will be tomorrow at 3:00pm against Oakville Blue Devils.

This was a big game for Croatia as they had played in London the night before and beat London City 6-0 and with this game now lead the International Division by one point. This situation will start effecting Serbian White Eagles who are one point behind but have four games in hand and I can see the only way they will squeeze their remaining season into the next month is to play quite a few two games in two days. The first ever clash of the two teams will be next Sunday but the venue has been moved to Lamport Stadium from Birchmount Stadium which is still not ready from its year long renovations. Lamport offers an easy way to separate the crowds of the rival teams but the playing surface is like painted concrete.

Rocket Robin


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