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CSA's TV Contract With Sportsnet

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Sportsnet's deal expires end of 2006. Word on the street is that Sportsnet is not the only Broadcaster trying to aquire the CSA package. I heard the deal was suposed to be announced a couple of weeks ago, but don't know why there has been a delay. If the CBC is the other interested party, they would more than likely have to partner with a cable station. Possibly GOLTV or FOX Sports World Canada. If you think Sportsnet is bad by delaying games, CBC would terrible in that department because of commitments already in place therefore teaming up with someone in order to show more live games. If the CBC looses rights to NHL they will have a lot more airtime and money for something else. Soccer would be a good fit considering they've already lost Curling and will more than likely loose the CFL regular season too.

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