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a new voice in canadian soccer fandom land

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After some 1100 posts, the Mods or Daniel banned me. I have always spoken with honesty on this board. Probably a little to honest for those that can't face the blinding light of reality. I've also never called any a rapist. Nor do I tolerate people who push porno.

In a few weeks my blog with be part of google's search engone universe. People from all the world will see how badly run the CSA and our National teams are run. And that not all Canadian soccer supporters think the hiring of Stephen Hart with all his Canada Games exprience is a good thing.

Some of us don't have our heads so far up our ass that we buy into every insanity foist onto us by the CSA.


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Thanks for the public service announcement.

However, since this thread has nothing to do with Canada's National Team or its Players.. its now locked.

Enjoy posting whatever you like on your blog. Gotta love the internet, there's a soapbox for every rant.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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