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W-League Playoff Question


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It's very simple.

Schedule's of the earlier rounds I don't know about. The League Semi-Finals are August 4 and the Final is August 6, all in Vancouver.

Everything is single game elimination, and in most cases is hosted by the higher ranked team, though sometimes some of the division/conference playdowns are run like a mini-tournament with one team hosting all games.

In the Eastern Conference, 7 teams make the playoffs. The top team overall gets a bye all the way to the Eastern Final, while 4 teams in the Northeast Division and 2 in the Northern Division get in. I don't know why the Northeast gets such a sweetheart deal. The two divisions both playdown to their respective champions who then play in the Eastern Semi-Final. The winner of that game plays the aformentioned top team overall (New Jersey almost certainly) to determine the Eastern Conference Champion.

So unless Ottawa, Toronto, or Laval can finish ahead of New Jersey (dream on) they will have to finish top two in their division, then win the division final, then win the Eastern Semi-Final against a team like Western Mass, Boston, Long Island, etc, then beat New Jersey.

In the Central Conference, 4 teams make the playoffs - 2 in each division, who playdown to division champions and then the Central Conference Champion.

In the Western Conference, 3 teams make the playoffs. 2nd and 3rd play in the Western Final, while the Whitecaps as Final Four Tournament hosts advance automatically.

The Final Four has the Whitecaps, the Eastern Champions, Central Champions, and the winner of the Western Final. They get ranked 1 through 4 based on regular season points percentage and the semis are 1v4 and 2v3.

See how simple that is.:D

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