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Canada: Road to the 2002 World Cup


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Don't know if this was posted, but is a funny read ...

In footballing terms theres not much to shout about. They reached the

World Cup once in 1986, losing all 3 matches and not scoring a single goal.

They came close in 1994 but fell at the final hurdle to Australia in a

playoff, the coach that time was Bobby Lenarduzzi who was a member of

the So Canada, home of yaks, Jim Carrery, lots of Land and unfortunatly

Brian Adams. But in 1986 World Cup squad.

So anyhow, on 1st March 2001, Holger Osieck resigned as Canadian

National Team manager, after a 2-1 to the USA in their opening match of the

Final Qualifying Round in the CONCACAF. As the next match wasnt far away

the Canadian Football Association looked to appoint a manager as soon

as possible. Their savior came in the form of 35 year old former

Northern Ireland international Ross Lindsay. After a brief period managing in

Northern Ireland with the Dungannon Swifts, he was quick to swap the

Semi Professional leagues for a crack at International Management. His

first job, getting Canada to the World Cup.

In the next update I should go through all the matches, not in

detail...then if possible onto the World Cup


So my first match was away in San Salvador the capital of El Salvador.

As I discovered there is no professional league in Canada and one team,

whom dont appear to have a league but they dont have any players so I

wasnt worrying. My main soure of playerage (My new word) would be the

American A-League, although most of the talent came from Britain.


18th March 2001

El Salvador 1 - 2 Canada

A good opening match. Left Winger Martin Nash gave us the lead after 25

minutes only for Morente to equalise for El Salvador. Nash then saved

the day with a goal in the 90th minute to save my skin.

We then Travelled to Mexico City to take on Mexico in the Azteca


25th March 20001

Mexico 3 - 3 Canada

A great performance against the Strongest team in North America. In

front of 95,000 fans (probably about 90% Mexican) we took a surprise early

lead through Niall Thompson on the 17th minute. The Mexicans were then

shocked into life and scored on 31 minutes through Wing Back Arellano.

We again scored on the 45th minute through Alex Bunbury to give us the

lead. After a dull second half we shockingly went further ahead through

Thompson again on the 77th minute, 3-1 to Canada, Mexico having never

previously been betean at home in a world Cup qualifying game. Only for

us to fall to pieces and lose 2 goals through Arellano again and Alfaro

in the 90th minute the dirty Mexican Bastard. A great performance none

the less.

22nd April 2001

Canada 0 - 0 Costa Rica

30,000 in the 69,000 seater stadium, not good but the best wed get. We

should pretend its the Canadian Ice Hockey team maybe and get a better

turn out. Anywho a boring game and we could have won it, they couldnt

they didnt once hit the target.

Currently we were in third place behind USA and Jamaica, one place

ahead of Mexico. After this it fell apart.

1st July 2001

Jamaica 3 - 2 Canada

We needed this because we weren't expecting to beat Mexico to the last

qualifying slot. We went 3-0 in Kingston, we almost got back into it

and scored another 2 through Bunbury and Radzinski.

We had fallen now behind Mexico and Jamaica had moved far ahead of us.

12th September 2001

USA 2 - 1 Canada

Another crushing defeat and knowing that Jamaica had won we were now 5

points behind them. I wasn't very optimistic.

We basically needed to win all our games from here to the end as

Jamaica had a less difficult run in.

3rd October 2001

Canada 2 - 0 El Salvador

An rather easy victory, goals from Bunbury and Radzinski our striking

partnership. Jamaica won so we were still 5 points within Jamaica but we

had Mexico next.

And So begins our 3 week, 3 game final run in. Mexico at home Costa

Rica away and then Jamaica at Home in Montreal.

4th November 2001

Canada 1 - 0 Mexico

How lucky were we. Magic Martin Nash scored with a dazling run in the

2nd minute. And we managed to keep the Mexican out for the whole match.

Only 23,000 saw this as Mexico had 16 shots on goal, we managed to

close them down well and limit them to long range shots or shots under

pressure so we were happy.

We were now 2 points behind Jamaica after they lost. So we were

optimistic as we had Costa Rica and they had top of the group and unbeaten


11th November 2001

Costa Rica 0 - 2 Canada

We dominated this game down in San Jose. We had 19 shots on goal

compared to 4 from Costa Rica. Magic Nash opened the scoring and Hargreaves

finished them off with a goal in the 81st minute.

Jamaica pulled off an amazing 2-1 away win at the USA so we needed to

beat them in the next game, bastards man.

18th November 2001

Canada 3 - 2 Jamaica

We took the lead early on through Bunbury in the 8th minute only for

"Jamaican" midfielder Robbie Earle to score 5 minutes later. We struck

back on in the 31st minute through Magic Nash. Hargreaves then scored

from the penalty spot in the 53rd minute. So 3-1 up and heading to the

world Cup, not even a late goal in the 85th minute from "Jamaican"

striker Marcus Gayle.

So there you have it Canada were on there way to their second World

Cup. The stadium packed with 23,600 Jamaicans were very quiet as "We are

the Champions" played 50 times on a loop.

After the game a camera crew wanted a few questions.

"So how do you feel about the teams performance tonight?"

"Well it wasnt quite an Ice Hockey or Base Ball game, but I couldn't

have asked anymore of the lads. Owen was our best player, without him we

would have lost the game. His closing down and alround defensive play

was beautiful, in the hetrosexual sense. Nash flew down the wing like a

hockey player and Alex swung his right boot like a Baseball bat. Does

that help?"

"Eh, well thansk for that how do feel about qualifying for the World

Cup? My producer is telling me its our first time since 1986"

"Well yes it is, and all I want from the World Cup is score a goal.

Canada didn't manage it last time so hopefully we can do it this time. Now

for all the sports fans at home in Canada this isn't Ice Hockey so we

aren't the best or close to I don't really watch the sport but we will

give it our all and I just hope we get a television channel to show our

game. Idealy I would like a great team like Brazil, a lesser team like

England or Ireland, and then a team like China or Wales that are so

**** even we can beat them."

"Eh I think we have to leave it there back to you in the studio. Are we

off air, right what the great is the World Cup?"

So we celebrated long into the night, getting very very very drunk, or

well I did I dont know if anyone else did as I was passed out by this

stage. So I woke up in the team coach lying in a puddle of my own sick,

what a night I thought.

So anywho next update we shall go through the squad for the World Cup

and any other players of note that didnt make it for one reason or

another, then obviously we shall head onto the World Cup


After a weeks recovery from a weeks drinking, I was over to Switzerland

for the World Cup draw. (It is Switzerland were they draw the groups

isnt it, ah well it is now)

Right so I waited impatiantly for the draw to begin. I sat down beside

"Oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy McIlroy". We talked a bit

about our plans for the future, I said he had a good squad but should

involve Maik Taylor and David Healy more in the squad. He honestly told

me he knew pretty much nothing about my team, although he noted that

Mark Watson was having a great season for Portadown in the Irish League,

and that Nash was a friend of Barry Hunter at Reading. We were

unsurprisingly seeded in the Pool 3, the bottom Pool, Sammy was seeded in Pool

1, second Pool which wasnt bad along with England, Portugal, Spain and


So First name out of the hat was France (I think thats preset). Next in

Group A was Yugoslavia, then Republic of Ireland, then finally South

Africa. Irish manager Humberto Coelho didn't look upset. Thats Group A

Onto group B and the first name out was...Brazil. My initial thought

was "great no not me not me not me", I assumed Big Sammy was thinking the

same. Next up was Croatia, then Kuwait???. How they got into a Pool

above us was beyond me. Sammy's was now looking a little more relaxed,

Kuwait we beatable and a draw against Croatia couldnt be hard to achieve.

Next name to be drawn by fat **** Blatter was...CANADA. Bollocks I

thought at first but it could be worse. Sammy wished the best of luck as he

awaited the Northern Irish draw.

Group C would be Japan, Nigeria, Romania and Uruguay.

Group D would be Italy Morocco Russia and Wales.

Group E would be Argentina, Portugal Colombia and Mali.

Group F would be Holland, England, Paraguay and Ghana.

Group G would be Spain USA South Korea and China.

Group H would now be a quite tough group, Germany, Mexico, Denmark and

NORTHERN IRELAND. Sammy was quite worried now, but he took it on the

chin like a man, after all he had beaten of Switzerland for the playoff

spot and then beaten Austria to qualify.

After the draw we had some drinks and I did a little mingling. I tried

to speak to Wanderly Luxemburgo but the Brazilian Manager pretended not

to hear me. I then tried Roger Lemerre, but he told me he had to leave

and then went to talk to Luxemburgo. At least Spain manager Jose

Camacho was honest when telling me to "great away off." So I eventually

settled for the losers managers group involving me, Carlos Sosa the South

African manager, Kuwaiti manager Akabakwadalufanikiba... or something like

that I kind of doozed off after a while, and of course Wales manager

Joey Jones. China manager Ossie Ardiles wasn't even allowed into our

cirle as even Uruguayan Carlos Sosa could speak better english than Ossie

even though his only word was jes, well anyone can speak enlish better

than Ossie even though he was living in England for god knows how long.

After having a laugh me and Sammy headed out with England manager Kevin

Keegan and Welsh manager Joey Jones for a few drinks, we even invited

Ossie along to get the rounds in, well somebody needed to befriend him,

and if he was going to buy us drinks why not.

Well I have nothing else really to say I flew back to Northern Ireland

with Sammy after we stayed behind an extra few days and went on a

binge. Finally sobered up on the plane, boy and I came down further than the

plane, what a hang over. Oh I felt in my best interests to continue

drinking while on the plane to avoid going further. After arriving in

Belfast International me and Sammy decided hed had enough drinking for the

rest of the...weeks so he went home. I on the other hand got on the

phone to my good alcoholic mate Seamy McIlMurray who was indeed drinking

at that very instance so we hit the town and continued my drinking

binge. After that night I decided this is too much even for an Irish man. I

decided I would catch the bus back home to Newcastle and surprise the

family...Hangover hit on the bus home, boy did I come down again...No

escape this time and the back seat was decorated in my own designer


Upon arrival home I struggled into my childhood home and with the

hangover I head I hit the bed straight after I'd been sick in the

toilet...feels good to be home.

Anywho that was my week after the the draw it was the 29th of December

so new year was approaching, and being back home it was another night

on the drink.

But thats enough for now I'm going to describe my drinking habbits or

imaginery drinking habbits I'll get to the football...soon

--- Right so.

As May came around I had to really start thinking about my 22 man squad

for the world cup. I sat down looking through all the players that had

participated in the qualifying and any special talents that should be


After some long deliberation with my new assistent Geoff Augner we

decided on these 22 players.



Craig Forrest

When I first took over he was the first choice keeper and remained

there. By far the best Canadian keeper and has great Premiership experience

with Ipswich and West Ham. Was the West Ham first team keeper in 99/00

season, but played only one game the following season due to the

signing of Romanian Bogdan Stelea. I advised him to move for first team

football and he did. An transfer to Birmingham City, who unfortunatly were

relegated to Division 2 soon after it was confirmed. Anyway hes been a

regular for Birmingham this year, played very well in a midtable team. A

bad season for Birmingham but hes been outstanding in all but one of my

qualifying matches. Getting on a bit at 34 but will definatly start as

number 1. Has 54 caps for his country.

Pat Onstad

A young Dundee United keeper, who has been first choice for 2 seasons

now. Had a great first season and has dipped a little but is still a

great keeper. Second choice definatly to Forrest but should take over hes

only 21. Made one sub appearance in qualifying after Forrest had an

awful game.

Marco Cerna

Not really a great keeper but I need a third keeper for all my matches.

Didn't even feature on the bench once. Plays his football in the

American A League for Orange County Zodiac. First team keeper there and

basically the best of a bad bunch from the rest of my keepers. Is 25 so once

Forrest gives up he'll be second choice.


Kevin Mofid - D RC

Only 19 but is a great rightback. Could play in the centre but his

heading and marking are awful. Plays in the MLS with the Metrostars, but

has been on loan all season with Sutton in the Conference, picking up 21

MOM performances and helping them to promotion. Played very well during

qualification, starting a few games Will definatly get a place bar


Fuseini Dauda - D RL

Good defender, not the best of stats but in 2 starts he performed very

well. Play in the A-League with the Rochester Raging Rhynos and plays

well. Should go to the World Cup due to his versatility.

Marc Bircham - D/DM RC

Great defender. Playing very well in the Premiership for Watford for

the last 2 seasons. Is suspended for the first match but will be straight

back into the squad. In qualifying he was brilliant at Centre Back, and

skippered the side in Geoff Augner's absence. Played equally as well in

central midfield in the holding role. He does add more steal to the

alreading tough midfield but is needed at the back for his marking and

tackling. Only 24 years old and will be a big part of the squad, will

skipper the side also in Augner's permanent absence.

Jim Brennan - D/DM L

Good wing back. Started all games in qualifying. Had a good first

season at Nottingham Forrest in 99/00 but fell out of favour in 00/01 and

then again 01/02. Made no starts in 01/02 and was transfered in January

to Stoke in Division 2 were he played very well to add some much need

match practise to his game. Will be a starting left back, with Dauda as

sufficent backup. Only 25 years old so he will be around for a while.

Mark Watson - SW/D/DM C

A good defender, played the last few games of qualifying and impressed

me. Plays now in Northern Ireland with Portadown and has had a good

second season there after leaving Oxford in the summer of 2000. Has good

english football experience as well as playing in Sweden. Is 31 years

old and this is sure to be his last major event, is the countries current

most capped player with 64 aps.

Mark Rodgers - DC

A good defender who started most of the qualifying games alongside

Birchim. Just transfered to Conference side Hull after failing to hold down

a first team place at Grimsby. Is 26 years old and should start all

games. Has 13 caps

Paul Fenwick - DC

A good old defender. One of the senior members of the squad at 32, yet

has only 4 caps. Did not appear in qualifying due to injury, but came

back to make the Squad. Should be good backup. Currently plays in

Scotland with Grenock Morton, where he had a good season.

Well thats the defender out of the way next up will be the midfield and


Just adding some pics to enhance the story

[ 22 June 2003: Message edited by: Il Fuce ]


John Sulentic - AM/F R

Almost 100% present in qualifying. This young 21 year old Right Winger

is a good right midfielder. He had an amazing season in the American

A-League in 2001, starting 25 matches and getting 15 assists, this good

form coincided with his run in the national squad. Hes a good player

with good pace and good passing, although for a winger he lacks dribling

and finishing, but he has a good workrate so pitches in with the odd

assist. Recently transfers to the MLS with the Metrostars, but has yet to

start a game, he has 9 caps going into the tournament. Will definatly

start for me on the right wing.

Terry Galloway - M L

Another good young player at 21 years old. Has 7 caps currently but

most as a sub. Falls behind Nash and Sulentic in the pecking order. Plays

in Germany with St. Pauli where he had a mediocre season, shows

potential. Definatly backup for Nash and Sulentic.

Martin Nash - AM RL

My best player, or best performing player. Is currently playing with

Reading in Division 2 but has not played much this past season. Was ever

present in qualifying and chipped in with 5 very important goals, 3

times match winners. He is very fast with amazing acceleration although he

passing could be better, but hes a clinical finisher and hes dribbling

is good. He really is a god in this side, his surging runs going the

left flank put fear into all defences. Being right footed allows him to

cut inside once he gets into the box. He is by far the best performer of

the side although not the best stats or money wise. I consider him to

be the key to my success at the World Cup, if he doesnt perform the team

will fail.

Niall Thompson - D/DM/F C

Very versatile which makes him important but also means he is not a

permanent fixture. Will be used from the subs bench in any position

although seems most effective in midfield. Made 2 starts in qualifying and

currently plays for Airdrie in Scotland having played in England

unsuccessfully. Should get a few sub appearances but nothing spectacular. Has 14 caps and 4 goals to his name.

Sergio de Luca - MC

A good young midfielder. Still only 19 he will be around for a while.

His passing isnt great but he is the best of a bad bunch of young

midfielders. Currently plays in the conference for Telford. He has Italian

Parents, and made his debut under me. He now has 3 caps, no starts

though. A decent backup player if needed.

Jason Bent - MC

Jason quite a permanent fixture for me in qualifying in the absence of

both Hargreaves and Aunger, who were my number 1 midfield pairing yet

rarely played together due to injury and or suspension. With Aunger now

permantly out of the team Bent should start along side Hargreaves. He

currently players for Scarborough in the English Third Division after

being released by Colorado Rapids in January 2001. Had a good season and

should do the marking jobs in midfield if needed, while Hargreaves is

the tough tackler this guy is the smart marker and tackler. His passing

is weak and so is his strength but he can man mark any player of the

park when needed. Is only 25 and has 11 caps scoring 2 goals.

Owen Hargreaves - MC

A great midfielder. Good pace, passing tackling, awareness, really no

stats stand out hes an alround good player. Still only 21 he played in 6

of my qualifying matches scoring twice. He added real steal to the

midfield. Breaking up attacking before they were started. Could also go

forward and create when needed. Still with Bayern Munich but has only

player 1 game in 2 years with the first team. I hope he moves soon. A

definate starter one of the first names on the fag packet, I mean team sheet

(old school you know).

Yari Allnutt - AM C

Hes 31 now and has only made 1 sub appearance yet he is the only

Attacking midfielder good enough that we have. Could feature if I need some

attacking flair in midfield, unlikely but he could prove usefull some

how. Just the 1 cap, shouldnt feature at all really, maybe if hes lucky.



Alex Bunbury - S C

A great striker currently playing in the MLS with Kansas City Wizards

and has had a decent season so far, no longer a first teamer though as

he is 35. A great servant to the Canadian National side, he has been

around for years. Played int he side that almost qualified for World Cup

94. Has years of experience in the Portuguese top flight with Maritimo.

Will start and was great in qualifying, should get a goal if not then

hes underachieved at this compition, its his big end of career blowout.

Strangly (obviously CM's fault) he has only played 15 times for Canada,

his first cap being in qualifying. Although in 15 games he has 15

goals, obviously symbolising the input hes had into our qualification.

Carlo Corrazin - F RLC

A good forward who I prefer to use behind the front striker(s). Is 30

years old now but has years of international experience. 37 caps and 5

goals, he has been around for a while. Has years of experience in

English football starting in 1993 with Cambridge, then Plymouth then

Northampton, and after being released from his contract there in June 2001

after making only 1 appearance that year, he signed for Boston United in

the lower leagues of English football. Still featured for my team despite

this low level of football, he brings more flair to the game than some

of my other players, and the fact that he 16 goals and got 19 assists

in this past season with Boston United. Should make an appearance or

two, most likely as a sub.

Gentain Buzali - SC

A pretty useless striker who plays in the A-League for the Toronto

Lynx. His finishing is awful and not exactly strong either, but he was

included because hes a big big big lad and we need that upfront. Is young

at 22 and has 1 cap under his belt. He wont be used and was a late call

up after Radzinski pulled out. If used will be a target man for the

other nippy forwards to feed off.

Paul Peschisolido - SC

This good striker is well known in England, I'm most will remember him

for that goal he scored against Liverpool for Fulham. Is 31 years old

now so isnt getting any younger, he has 45 caps and 8 goals to his name

and is a veteran from the World Cup 94 qualifying squad, along with

Bunbury, Forrest, Watson and Aunger. Didnt play an awful lot in

qualifying, kept out of the side by Bunbury and Radzinski, although having low

stamina didnt help either, used mainly as a sub to add fresh legs to a

tiring game and spark something off, much like Corrazin. Currently

playing in English Division 1 with Wigan, they had a good season and finished

9th. Paul and Super Simon Howarth were strike partners in that side,

although the later was a lot more prolific in front of goal. Was dumped

by Fulham in June 2001 after a good 99/00 season he played no games

under new management in 00/01 and was thus trasfered for nothig to Wigan.

Should start in Radzinski's place although I think Corrazin might !

have something to say about that, we'll see.

Well that about sums up the 22 man squad, I appologise for the lack of

pictures for some players but in real life they are just too **** to

get pics of, Sulentic I was close to, but I couldnt find a single picture

of him.

So now for the Players who didnt make it for one reason or another and

the imaginery coaching staff.

Players who did make the cut

Geoff Aunger - M C

Was the captain of the side and was brilliant in qualifying along side

both Bent and Hargreaves. Unfortunatly decided to retire in January

after the MLS season was over so would not be going to the World Cup

although would fill the role as Assistent Manger at the compition. Was 34

upon retirement (I think).

Tomasz Radzinski - S C

Days after the squad was named he pulled out with a strained thigh, out

for 10 days there was nothing I could do. Buzali was his replacement. A

great striker, by far the best player, stat and money wise, we had. The

28 year old Polish born striker had 31 caps under his belt with 8

goals, and was set to lead our teams attack into Japan/Korea, if Bunbury's

old legs got a little tired the youthful zip of Radzinski would carry

him along. He is super fast and a great finisher, and was a key factor in

qualification with some important goals. Still playing in Belgium with

Anderlecht, had a good season but unfortunatly did not get to play in

Europe, however he did play in the Champions League the season earlier.

He may still get called up if someone gets injured as his injury is not


Jeff Skinner - D/DM R

A decent right wing back who has yet to play but has good defensive

stats so is on standby should Mofid or Dauda get injured. Plays for

Vancouver 86ers and is still young at 21.

Jeffrey MacLean - AM L

23 years old and plays for Yeovil in Division 3, although did not play

a game this past season. Made 3 bad appearances during qualifyication

although will be on standby if Galloway or Nash get injured.

Chaka Daley - D RC

Not a bad defender and made 1 appearance during qualification. Plays in

MLS for New England Revs but has yet to play a game in 2 years. On

standby if Mofid or Dauda get injured and Skinner is unavailable.

Coaching Staff

Assistent Manager

Geoff Aunger

Skipper of the Qualifying team and veteran of World Cup 94 'almost'

side, WC 98 also. Is my main man, a great guy with a good tactical brain.


Frank Yallop

Not long out of the playing side of the game. A veteran of the 94 World

Cup 'almost' side.

Bryan Hamilton

Asked him to assit for the World Cup, he was happy to oblige. Has

international management experience with Northern Ireland and good player

experience. Has a good tactical knowledge but most of all he knows a fair

bit about world players.


Forgot about this so Ill add it now, its the qualification results:



2002 Tables

Semi Final Group 3

Pos Team Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag

Won Drn Lst For Ag Pts


1st Q Canada 6 2 1 0 9 2 3

0 0 10 3 16

2nd Q El Salvador 6 2 0 1 9 2 2

0 1 8 8 12


3rd Cuba 6 1 0 2 6 8 1

1 1 3 5 7

4th Cayman Islands 6 0 0 3 4 11 0

0 3 2 12 0



Pos Team Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag

Won Drn Lst For Ag Pts


1st Q USA 10 4 0 1 12 5 3

0 2 9 6 21

2nd Q Mexico 10 4 1 0 16 4 2

1 2 8 8 20

3rd Q Canada 10 3 1 1 7 4 2

1 2 10 9 17


4th Jamaica 10 4 1 0 9 4 0

2 3 8 12 15

5th Costa Rica 10 0 2 3 5 11 1

1 3 3 9 6

6th El Salvador 10 1 1 3 7 11 0

1 4 1 12 5


Right we had two weeks now till our first match, and as we were in

Group B we would be starting on the second day of the compition, 13th June.

We had previously spent 2 weeks light training in Mexico to get

adjusted to heat, although it was the humidity I was worried about, we would

hit the more intensive training once we got to our Korean training camp

near Inchon, we started an 10 day heavy training to get used to the

climate of the region. After which we would take up our base for the first

phase in Nagoya Japan. All of our games were based between Tokyo and

Nagoya, so we were good to go.

This was the overall squad for these trips:


No Name Position(s) Nat Born Age Caps Gls Wages Expires Value

- Allnutt, Yari AM C CAN 20.9.70 31 2 - £200 12.1.05 £15K

- Bent, Jason M C CAN 8.3.77 25 13 2 £250 19.6.04 £140K

- Bircham, Marc D/DM RC CAN 7.5.78 24 25 2 £4.1K 12.6.06 £3M

- Brennan, Jim D/DM L CAN 8.5.77 25 15 - £725 24.6.07 £170K

- Bunbury, Alex S C CAN 18.6.67 35 18 16 £4.9K 23.1.03 £300K

- Buzali, Gentian S C CAN 23.1.80 22 1 - £110 9.1.05 £20K

- Cerna, Marco GK CAN 24.4.77 25 - - £110 23.1.05 £10K

- Corazzin, Carlo F RLC CAN 25.12.71 30 37 5 £900 6.6.04 £45K

- Dauda, Fuseini D RL CAN 29.5.75 27 4 - £150 20.1.05 £20K

- De Luca, Sergio M C CAN 6.9.82 19 3 - £190 28.6.03 £4K

- Fenwick, Paul D C CAN 25.8.69 32 4 - £875 24.6.03 £25K

- Forrest, Craig GK CAN 20.9.67 34 56 - £4.5K 13.6.04 £220K

- Galloway, Terry M L CAN 10.2.81 21 8 - £2K 14.6.05 £350K

- Hargreaves, Owen M C CAN 20.1.81 21 10 2 £3.6K 15.6.04 £2.5M

- Nash, Martin AM RL CAN 27.12.75 26 13 5 £3.5K 6.6.04 £100K

- Onstad, Pat GK CAN 10.9.80 21 2 - £1.5K 23.6.06 £575K

- Peschisolido, Paul S C CAN 25.5.71 31 46 8 £2.1K 6.6.03 £450K

- Rogers, Mark D C CAN 3.11.75 26 17 - £2.1K 25.6.05 £110K

- Sulentic, John AM/F R CAN 22.11.80 21 12 - £200 17.1.06 £675K

- Thompson, Niall D/DM/S C CAN 16.4.74 28 15 4 £500 26.6.07 £200K

- Watson, Mark SW/D/DM C CAN 8.9.70 31 65 1 £250 13.5.04 £100K

- *Radzinski, Tomasz S C CAN 14.12.73 28 33 10 £1.1K 30.6.03 £3.7M

- *Skinner, Jeff D/DM R CAN 12.8.80 21 2 - £140 9.1.05 £10K

*Reserves (ie. On standby for callup)

Right so we touched down in Seoul on the 1st after a long enough flight

from Mexico City. Families were left behind but were to meet up in 10

days time as we decided to bring them out to Nagoya. The weather was

warm as expected and the humidity hit hard. The paler players like Mark

Rodgers and Martin Nash seemed to be struggling even as we got off the

plane, pansies they will be wearing factor 500 I'm not having any lobster

boys in my team, "Save Chip" (thought I'd throw that in). We imediatly

headed to Inchon which isnt too far, an hours bus journy out of the

City of Seoul and another short while and we where there. Nothing two

fancy, not being the most popular sport in Canada the Irish training camp

looked like the Ritz compared to ours. We over the next 10 days of

training we had 2 training matches schedualled (not in the game I made them

up). One was against the local Side, In-chon something or other,

steelers maybe it didnt matter they were ****. And a K-League select t!

eam, obviously devoid of the players from the South korean World Cup

team. After a tough first days training, I treated the players to a pint

of...non alcoholic juice, my mind works clearer under the influence so

I had a pint. Apparently they claimed it was unfair but tough **** this

was no democracy. Next day we had light training in the morning then a

match an hour after lunch. An easy 5-0 victory of the local *ahem*

professional side. Players were looking good in training as the week

progressed, a little sunburn to Rodgers which ruled lobster boy out of the

next warmup match, but he should be alright it'll peel right off. Next

match was 4 days later and a more challenging 3-0 victory and we were

looking good, a good defence we had. Birham would be suspended for the

first game but I wasn't

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