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Hirschfeld article

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I've translated this article from http://fotball.adressa.no/nyhetsarkiv/article.jhtml?articleID=95459 - I'm not a professional translator, so apologies for any awkward phrasing.

Yells a lot, but is no Clown

Rosenborg’s new keeper talks a lot. And loud. But no one is covering their ears

Lars Hirschfeld is ready battle Espen Johnsen for the starting job in Rosenborg’s goal.

“He’s the consummate pro who contributes to the team” says Tromsø general manager Steinar Nilssen.

The Tromsø GM tells of a player who appeared careful and withdrawn when he came to Tromsø.

“He developed a lot from the time he came here until he went to Rosenborg. He really gained self-confidence. I have never come across a keeper who talks so much. And it’s very positive. I encouraged him to do it because it’s so important for those in central positions contribute to the leadership of the team”, says Nilssen.

Rosenborg certainly received a chatty fellow who makes his feelings known and contributes to both raised intensity and good humour at practise. The Canadian with a German passport is absolutely clear about what he should be practising when he arrives at training.

And he makes his feelings know the the trainers.

“It’s very good for us. He wants clarity about how the keeper and defence are to work together. Lars is the type who knows what he wants to practise and has a clear understanding of his own abilities. He likes taking responsibility, and it’s challenging and educational for the rest of us” says Jørn Jamtfall, Rosenborg’s keeper trainer.

Those who’ve listened to a RBK-practise won’t believe Steinar Nilssen’s description of a careful fellow who arrived at Alfheim [Tromsø’s home pitch]. At Rosenborg he has taken command both verbally and physically. Not all the Canadian expressions are suitable for a family audience, but they a said with the best of intentions and a smile.

“Lars fits very well in the RBK community. I can see he is comfortable. He is an extroverted and likable fellow” says Jørn Jamtfall.

The 27-year-old has a experience from a number of clubs. He has played in Canada, England, Scotland and Germany before he came to Tromsø and Norway.

But even if he bellows often and loudly, he’s no clown.

“You haven’t landed a new Mini [Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jacobsen, a diminutive winger with Rosenborg in the 90s, known for scoring key goals and being a class clown]. Hirshfeld is a regular, likable guy and no clown. And his keeper abilities are at a high level. He’s played with many clubs and gathered experience. It seems like he’s made good choices along the way – except when he left Tromsø for Rosenborg” says Steinar Nilssen with a smile.

Rosenborg has a calm guy who is challenging Espen Johnsen for the starting job in net.

He waits to see what the opponent will do.

“He’s very similar to Arni Gautur Arason in that way; he has the calm to wait to see where the striker will shoot,” says Jamtfall.

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Another article about Hirschfeld and Johnsen:


The jist of the article is that these are the two best keepers to fight for the starting job in Rosenborg in quite some time. Both have done well this winter, although Johnsen made a rather spectacular error against Zenit. (He tried to clear the ball and it hit one of the opposition players and went in the net!)

Coach Høgmo has stated that whoever starts the training match against Göteborg on Sunday will also be the keeper on opening day, and the journalist thinks Lars has the inside track.

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