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  1. Lars Hirschfeld has signed a two-year contract extention with Vålerenga. http://www.vg.no/sport/fotball/norsk/artikkel.php?artid=10027562
  2. Olivier Occéan is leaving Lillestrøm and Norway for German 3rd division side Kickers Offenbach. http://www.nrksport.no/fotball/eliteserien/1.7182975
  3. 13 of 30 rounds are completed in Norway, and one more round to go (june 5/6) before the World Cup, and time for a summary. First the standings: Chris Pozniak and Haugesund have been doing much better than expected, keeping themselves out of the relegation battles so far. Poz has also been a key performer for the team. Lars Hirschfeld has also been central to Vålerengas early season surge. Lillestrøm hve also been a hus surprise, based on the poor season they had last year, but Canadians Tam Nsaliwa and Olivier Occéan have played much smaller roles. Some stats. Chris P
  4. Occéan finally gets a chance to play, coming in as a sub in Lillestrøm's 4-0 defeat of Sandefjord. He responded by scoring the final goal of the game. Highlights in this article: http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/artikkel.php?artid=10005003 - In it coach Henning Berg also praises OOs attitude and states he deserved the goal. Tam Nsaliwa started for Lillestrøm and played 83 minutes. Nsaliwa had the chance to open the score with an early PK, but his weak effort was easily stopped. On Saturday, Lars Hirschfeld and Vålerenga travelled to Strømsgodset where they lost 1-0. Lars had
  5. Current Brann-coach Steinar Nilsen regrets bringing Lars to Norway back when he was Tromsø-coach... (said with a rueful smile) http://www.vg.no/sport/fotball/norsk/artikkel.php?artid=10000178 (right near the end of the article)
  6. Just to add: Nsaliwa came on as a sub at halftime, and had the honour of taking the pk just a few minutes into the 2nd half. It was Lillestrøms first goal in over 3 full games. Given their drought I was surprised Olivier Occéan was not in the lineup as coach Berg made several changes to lineup. Haugesund, on the other hand, have been the positive surprise of the early season, not just because they've been collecting points but also because they play some positive football. Hirshfeld had a monster game for Vålerenga as that match ended 1-1. Brann threw everything including the kitchen
  7. Chris Pozniak started on the left side of midfield, but Haugesund lost 2-0 away to Tromsø. Lars Hirschfeld and Vålerenga defeated visiting Molde 2-1 tonight.
  8. The Lillestøm - Stabæk game was a bit of a snooze and ended 0-0. Nsaliwa stayed on the bench.
  9. Tam Nsaliwa on the bench, Olivier Occéan still not in the squad as Lillestrøm host Stabæk to kick off round 5 saturday afternoon at 1700 CET. On Sunda Chris Pozniak and Haugesund travel to Tromsø, while on Monday Lars Hirschfeld and Vålerenga host Molde. Haugesund are off to the best start of the 3 newly promoted teams, but will have their work cut out for them at a defensive-minded Tromsø team who stifled high-flying Stabæk last week. Vålerenga will hope for a better defensive performance than they had against Start last week. Molde are one of the best offensive teams in the leagu
  10. Both Tam Nsaliwa and Olivier Occéan started for the Lillestrøm reserves as they opened the season with a 5-2 win. Both scored a goal in the second half to break the game open after the teams were 2-2 at the half. Lillestrøm's recruits play in the Norwegian 3rd division (4th tier). Both Nsaliwa and OO were featured on the Lillestrøm homepages the past couple of weeks http://www.lsk.no/ - both make the right noises about working hard to get into the starting 11, bla, bla, bla... Occéan does mention that he feels he is in good form, and is ready for first-team play. I can't imagine he's h
  11. In Norway with Lillestrøm; currently not among the coach's favoured 11. Last season was spoiled by a nagging injury; not bad enough to keep him sidelined for long stretches, but enough to reduce his on-filed presence to a shadow of his nasty self. Regular updates in the "Canadians in Norway" thread.
  12. Kleiven's lob was very nice, but Lars was out of position. Mind you, as a long-time Start supporter, I have to admit few things are as satisfying as beating Vålerenga
  13. Norway round 4: Lars Hirschfeld and Vålerenga travelled to Kristiansand to meet Start. They had a rather bad time of it, losing 5-3... Lars made som good saves early on, keeping his team in it but should have stopped both the 3-1 and 4-1 goals. Chris Pozniak and Hagesund had a much better time of it, defeating visiting Hønefoss 5-1. Poz played 90. Lillestrøm travelled to Stavanger to take on Viking in a game that ended 0-0. Tam Nsaliwa stayed on the bench the whole game, while Olivier Occéan did not dress. Highlights Start-Vålerenga: http://vglive.no/#match=10001817&lv
  14. Weekend round-up of round 3 in Norway: Lars Hirshfeld played a good game as his Vålerenga played to a 0-0 draw with Rosenborg in Oslo. The game was marred by a pitch in absolutely scandalous condition. Tam Nsaliwa got his debut for Lillestrøm coming on in the 63 minute with the score already 6-0 for the canaries as they hosted Tippeliga-newcomers Hønefoss. 6-0 was also the final score. Olivier Occéan was neither on the pitch nor the bench and give en way Lillestrøms starting strikers are scoring, he's got a long way to go before he sees action. Visitors Hønefoss have yet to scroe
  15. Tam Nsaliwa is joining Lillestøm on loan from AEK though the end of June. http://www.dagbladet.no/2010/03/24/sport/fotball/tippeligaen/lillestrom/10988162/ *edit* What's his statua as a Canadian abroad? The norwegian papers identify him as a Canadian, but I saw one article that mentioned he bacame a German citizen and no longer plays for the MNT. In short - should I include him in my updates here or not?
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