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Klukowski interview


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Interview of Klukowski from Brugge website. Sounds like it was translated from French as I imagine Klukowski speaks english a bit better than this. He was scheduled to play today but appears to have suffered a last minute injury and was not even on the bench. Brugge lost to Lokeren 2-0 which certainly dampens their title hopes, moving them into 3rd.

In the spotlights: Michael KLUKOWSKI 04/03/06

“We willen Gert de titel

als afscheidscadeau geven”

It was a busy week for Michael Klukowski. The Polish-Canadian player (24) played Wednesday with Canada against Austria, the country where he was born, and he won 0-2. Tonight he hopes to win again with Club against Lokeren in the Daknam stadium. ,,If we want to win the title, it's absolutely forbidden to lose points from now on'', according to the left back. ,,Besides, we want to give the title to Gert Verheyen as a good-bye present.''

Report by: Steven FLOIN

Club is going to Lokeren this evening. If we think about the bad away reputation of blauw-zwart, it won't be an easy game. Will you take three away points for the first time in 2006, Michael?

“Yes, we have to. If we want to win the title, we can't afford losing three points again. So we have to win every away game. That's always much more difficult than in Jan Breydel, where 25.000 fans support us. During away games there are some thousand fans to support us. That's a great difference, no matter how loud they sing and shout. But in the end, it's the players who have to do it. We surely have enough quality within the team to take three points in an away game.

Do you think Club Brugge is capable to win the title for the second time in a row?

"Of course! Look to the league table: all top teams are close to each other. Besides, we've started to play better football after the winter break and that gives me confidence. Although we weren't always rewarded for that. After the draw against Standard last week we know what we have to do: win everything from now on."

Are you satisfied with the current season?

“It's too early to judge about that. The title is our goal. If we win that, we'll have had a successful season. We played in the Champions League, which was great of course, but if we want to make it to the CL again, we have to win the title first. If we end second, we can also make it to the CL, but we have to play qualifying rounds then."

And are you satisfied with yourself?

“In the first half of the season, I was badly injured for the first time in my career. I couldn't play several months and I was really unhappy in that period. Fortunately, I almost immediately got my place back in the starting line-up. I'm playing well now, but I feel I can do better."

No one has talked a lot about Peter van der Heyden this season. That means you've replaced him well. Maybe we should aks ourselves for how long Club will be able to keep such strong left back in Bruges.

“Oh, I don't think about that. I have a contract for another two years and I'm very happy here. The atmosphere within the team is great. We have a good trainer, fantastic fans and professional surroundings. I don't think it can be a lot of better or it should be a European top club. I'd like to stay some more years, although I won't deny I'd like to play in the English competion once.

Who are your best friends in Bruges?

“I get along fine with everyone. We're a close team. I have the most fun with the French-speaking boys. We follow Dutch lessons together and it's always fun during those lessons. Most of the times I hang around with Yulu. Just like me, he lives just across the border with France and we often drive to Bruges together."

Another team mate, Gert Verheyen, decided Wednesday to stop at the end of this season. Were you suprised by his decision?

“A little bit, yes. I thought he'd play another year. Apparently he's had it, although I'm convinced that he's able to play one more year at top level. But it's his choice and we have to respect that. The only thing we can do, is give Gert the title as our goodbye-present.

Something completely different now. You played with Canada a friendly international match in and against Austria on Wednesday. How good is the national team of Canada?

“We're still working on our team. A lot of youngsters get their chance now. We have a lot of talent, judging our 0-2 victory in Austria. Unfortunately, we couldn't qualify for the World Cup. With Mexico and the United States we have a very strong competition, the Concacaf. If you end third you're also selected for the World Cup, but then we have to stunt, like Costa Rica en Trinidad & Tobago did now. If we keep on working patiently, we'll make it some day."

You've got both the Polish and Canadian nationality. Don't you regret not having chosen for the national team of Poland? They go to Germany this summer.

“No, I don't think about that anymore. I made my decision when I was still an amateur and I don't regret it. Of course I'd never imagined that I would make it this far."

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