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Audio recordings of USA v Canada - 2006 Friendly

Massive Attack

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Here's my recording as an alternative. It's a direct download if you don't want to bother with torrents (but there's a limited number of downloads so let me know if it stops working) and the file is smaller.

My bitrate is lower but the quality should be about the same because the stream was less than 40 kbits/s. I also removed the commercials. These factors explain why my file is smaller.


2006 International Soccer Friendly

United States vs. Canada

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Torero Stadium, San Diego, United States

American commentary by CASH 1700 AM (San Diego) captured from Internet stream at cash1700.com

MP3 audio

40 kbits/s, 24 kHz, mono

Total size: 36.07 MB

Total running time: 2h 06m 03s

Download is one MP3 including:

- pre-match (approx 15 mins)

- 1st half

- halftime

- 2nd half

- post-match (approx 6 mins)

(does not include commercials)

Direct download

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