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Kamloops OUT of PCSL!


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Staff reporter

Jan 22 2006

Len McAdams can smell Kamloops from much, much more than a mile away. And, surprisingly enough, the odouriferous emanation doesn’t originate from the local pulp mill.

The stink stems from Dave Spendlove and the Kamloops’ senior soccer scene, according to McAdams.

“There’s a bad smell in the air in Kamloops right now,” the Pacific Coast Soccer League president said just a day after giving the Kamloops City Blaze the boot from his 75-year-old league.

The kick came after Spendlove first defaulted on league fees and now downright refuses to pay fines incurred for two cancelled Blaze games during the 2005 season.

McAdams won’t say how much Spendlove owes, but suggested “it’s nearly that” when asked it the total amounts to $6,000.

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