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Pele is still king

Canuck Oranje

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It is surprising sometimes how perceptions get distorted over time.

I was given a DVD copy of Pele Eterno (Pele Forever) for Christmas. After watching it, I reconfirmed my belief that no one else has come close since. Not even Ronaldo, Ronaldinho nor Robinho. Beckenbauer says it best, when he says in the film that Pele is the most complete he has seen in his life.

The most amazing thing is the combination of power, speed, toughness, technical completeness, and the degree of technical perfection.

Another thought to ponder. What would the Brazilian league be like today if all Brazilian players played at home as they did in Pele's day?

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To answer your question, it has been released for an english audience under the name, Pele Forever. It, in fact, was screened at the Cannes Film festival in 2005. I don't know if it has been released in North America yet.

I don't know whether they simply subtitled in English (my guess) or created an english audio. My copy is from Brazil and in international DVD format.

Check out, www.peleforever.com

quote:Originally posted by 352


Is the Pele Eterno DVD available in english?


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