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Post-Francophone Gms Friendly - Canada v Haiti [R]

Massive Attack

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Francophone Games Team

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Canada Lose to Haiti in Friendly

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Francophone Games Team fell 4-3 in a friendly on Tuesday, December 13 to Haiti at the Stade Alio Naantchi in Niamey, Niger.

The Canadians jumped out to an early lead in minute 39 through Hector Contreras but the Haitians quickly replied with two goals in the waning moments of the opening half.

Contreras equalized minutes after the start of the second half but just as they had done in the opening 45 minutes, the Haitians responded immediately to restore the one goal advantage.

Canada’s Alex Elliott drew the two side’s level in minute 83 but continuing with the theme of the evening, Haiti replied five minutes later with the eventual game-winner.

“A disappointing loss,” were the first words uttered by Head Coach Rudy Doliscat.

But Doliscat was not wholly disappointed with the game.

“But having said that, this was a far better team performance than the macthes we played in the (Francophone) Games. It was an evenly contested match where both sides created numerous chances going forward but both struggled equally to keep their defense tight.

“We lacked concentration at key moments and once again paid dearly for those lapses at the end of each half.”

Canada will play another friendly against the Democratic Republic of Congo later this week.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

5th Francophone Games

Stade Alio Naantchi

Niamey, Niger

CANADA – 3 (1)

HAITI – 4 (2)

Goals: CANADA – Contreras, 39, 48; Elliott 83; HAITI – names unavailable (41, 44, 53, 88)

Cautions: CANADA – none; HAITI – none

Expulsions – none

Referee: unavailable

CANADA: 22-Adam Cately; 4-Alex Braletic; 17-Joey Loreth; 5-John Jonke (21-Kyle Bartkus, 60); 15-Nicolas Suter; 8-Cristian Nunez; 18-Derek Rios (3-Masumi Turnbull, 65); 14-Kerr McLeod; 11-Pierre-Rudolph Mayard (10-Dominic Oppong, 76); 12-Hector Contreras (13-Massimo Di Iaio, 66); 9-Alex Elliott

Head Coach: Rudy Doliscat (CAN)

Subs not used: 1-David Monsalve; 7-Mike D’Agostino; 16-Gabriel Séguin-Gauthier


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This was a very close game. Our team is improving a lot comparing to the beginning. They need more practice and games. Even if you lose some games it's not the end of the world as long as coaches realize what has to be improved and continue to work more on it. No need to give up and get disappointed. Don't forget that France was eliminated from the Francophone Games. Our boys have time to prepare and get better for 2007 Fifa Cup.

11 December 2005 [Niamey, Niger]

France U20 [0] 1-0 [0] Haiti U20

France U20, Senegal U20

13 December 2005 [Niamey, Niger]

France U20 [0] 0-2 [0] Senegal U20

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