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Francophone Games: Canada v Cameroon [R]

Massive Attack

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Francophone Games Team

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Canada Lose to Lions 5-0 at Francophone Games

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Francophone Games Team were defeated 5-0 by Cameroon in their opening match of the tournament in Niamey, Niger today.

“We were thoroughly beaten today by a very good Cameroon team,” said Head Coach Rudy Doliscat. “It seemed as though every mistake we made was punished but at the other end, we were unable to punish them when they faltered. In essense, that was the difference.”

“But there is a lot we can gain from this match. Although it's true that many boys aren't in season right now and yes, that has had an impact but at the same time, it's important for our players to see the pace with which teams like Cameroon play at and know that this is the type of opponent you will come across internationally. That can only assist their development and growth as players.”

Ivory Coast defeated host Niger 3-1 in the other match of the group played earlier in the day.

For unknown reasons, both Lithuania and Congo both dropped out of the competition, thus allowing the third place finisher from Canada's group to proceed to the next round. Doliscat will likely target Canada’s next match against Niger on Thursday (December 8) as the game to win and see Canada through to the next round.


December 8 @ 11:00 Local Time vs. Niger

Niamey, Niger

December 10 @ 14:00 Local Time vs. Ivory Coast

Niamey, Niger

Match details to follow...


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