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Another Canadian in Germany!


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quote:Originally posted by Maurice9998

Hello All,

Just recieved word that another Canadian player is playing in Germany. Ainsley Romany Phipps. He is playing just outside Hannover. Reporsts say that he is doing well. Somebody please confirm and where in Canada is he from?



He is indeed with TV Badenstedt near Hannover, a Landesliga club. I think he is from the Toronto area. Here's a link to the club page.


Click on 1.Herren for a picture of the top men's team (he is in the team picture).

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The Landesliga is quite a low level though, 5th division. The level of play is significantly inferior to the USL div.1 and is probably comparable to the CPSL. A talented young player might be able to go through the ranks and rise to a higher division but the percentage who accomplish this is quite small. In addition, Badenstadt is near the bottom of the table so I wouldn't get too excited about this right now.

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