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Is it the weather or something?


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Seriously, what's with all the b*tching around here? At least if it was funny or informative or something. But most of it is just dumb.

People arguing over where grown men should play with a ball, and who should pay for it...

But it's not even just here, some old guy cut me off, so I start honking (and laughing I may add), and he wants me to pull over and fight. He's twice my age and half my size. So I blew him a kiss and drove off.

Speaking of fruits, I think McCown is just putting on a show (to get soccer fans to listen - I've listend more the last week than I have the last 10 years) cause he can't be that stupid (he has no sense of basic economics or how this country works). But it was funny. He sounded really pissed off. He let some caller have it (well, sort of, I really wasn't paying attention).

John, was that you who sent McCown an email claiming to know him and he said he has no clue who the emailer was?

MLSE Chief Financial Officer was on McCown today. He basically said that MLSE does basically own the naming rights. So if they sell them for more, they get them. But ACC cost supposedly $40-million for 20 years, Ricoh $10-million for 10 years, so they'll be lucky to get their money back.

Forgetting the soccer stuff, strictly from a financial perspective, I think it is a fair deal for the city and for MLSE.

Lighten up people... :D

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