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July 17 W-League Toronto Lady Lynx vs Ottawa Fury

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Result of the Sunday July 17th, 2005 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Ottawa Fury played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 6:00pm.

12 min...Fury Kelly Parker GOAL...Fury Carmelino Moscato pushes ball up center and Fury Rhian Wilkinson pushes ball ahead and 12 yard shot blocked by sliding goalie Stacey Van Boxmeer, ball lies loose and Parker gets 10 yard shot between two defenders and into left side of net with Wilkinson and Van Boxmeer still on ground.

21 min...LL Kristen Habenicht rush to edge of box on left flicks ball that Fury Leah Robinson handles in box. Referee Ricky Zomparelli is only 10 yards away and whistles Penalty kick.

22 min...Lynx Julia Ralph GOAL...Ralph on Penalty kick shoots low to right corner of net as goalie Taryn Swiatek dives left.

48 min...Fury Carmelino Moscato GOAL...Fury Allison Kelly 28 yard free kick from left has goalie fumble ball and Moscato knock 5 yard shot into open net from right.

91 min (injury time)...Fury Amy Vermeulen GOAL...Vermeulen gets pass in middle and 20 yard shot to low left of net.

Final Score:.......Toronto Lady Lynx............1.................Ottawa Fury..............3..............

Attendance was announced as 2338 on this extremely hot and humid early evening with a wet field which made sliding tackles quite easy to make without getting hurt. Lots of slipping around when players changed direction. The stands were just about packed so I'd say about 2100 were here easily outdrawing the men's game last night.

Although the Fury looked better most of the game, the turning point came on the early goal in the second half because it just shouldn't have presented such a gift goal. The Fury has two players from the defunct Toronto Inferno. Carmelino Moscato played here and also Vancouver and Robyn Gayle played as a defender. Both looked good this game. Rhian Wilkinson and Kelly Parker had numerous chances for the Fury. Neither team's defenders had a problem with kicking it out of bounds or conceding a corner kick when they were under pressure.

W-League leading scorer Kim Warner was held in check tonight and couldn't break through with one of her speedy runs. She wasn't given too many balls and the defenders could usually catch up to her. Warner ends the regular season with 15 goals in the 12 games she played.

This was a showdown of the two best teams in this division. With this win the Fury tie the Lady Lynx in points but should easily win at least one of their two games next weekend to win the division. The Lady Lynx have finished their regular season. The one game playoff now seems certain to be played in Ottawa as the Fury won both their league games between the two teams. 2004 Final Four participants Fury host the Lady Lynx team in Ottawa Wednesday July 27th.

The Lady Lynx team was introduced first for this game so season achievement awards could be given out.

Jean Augustine the Liberal MP from Etobicoke--Lakeshore presented Best Defensive Player Awards to Catharine Marosszeky and Ciara Gaizutis.

Alfons Rubbens magazine publisher presented Best Offensive Player to Kim Warner.

The Fan Favourite Award was accepted by Coach Brett Mosen for the absent Amanda Cicchini.

Colin Linden from the OSA presented the Media Award for MVP to Kim Warner. (Hey I voted for her when I was given a ballot a few games ago!). I asked how many 'media ballots were cast; six?" as a joke for how the Lady Lynx are starved for media attention in this town. The game officials and Ottawa Fury were then introduced.

I'll try to do an editorial/summary of the Lady Lynx in the next few weeks and that should be on my web page but I'll say now they have been the most pleasant surprise of 2005 for me covering Soccer In Toronto. Looking back the 2003 and 2004 Toronto Inferno weren't going anywhere playing at Birchmount Stadium and drawing barely 100 fans per game. This was a great move by the Hartrells to bring the W-League rights and workings with minor soccer groups have kept the stands near full each game. The depth of Canadian soccer in the women's game means that although Vancouver Whitecaps (and to a lesser extent Ottawa) has almost the entire Canadian National team they can't have all the players and so many of the Under 20s have found a place in Toronto.

Rocket Robin


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Great report Rocket! Although, it was Marie-Ève Nault who had the handball that led to Toronto's PK, as I can still see her standing there after the call in disbelief...and Carmelina never played with the Inferno (she was supposed to play with them, but went to Vancouver before the 2003 season) but Diana Matheson did.

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