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CPSL Week 5 results...

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Result of the Friday June 17th, 2005 CPSL game between Durham Storm and Toronto Supra played at Civic Stadium in Oshawa at 9:00pm.

25 min...Storm Edson Breceda GOAL...Breceda receives a pass in the box through defenders from right; he turns and fires 10 yarder into left side of net.

27 min...Supra Adrian Llewelyn GOAL...Supra Selmir Sehic rushes down right and his low cross has Supra forward miss, Storm goalie Craig Williams misses too and Llewelyn on left taps in 4 yarder to short left corner of net.

44 min...Supra Sebastian Busto GOAL...Supra player on rush on right rolls cross into box and Supra player redirects it from 8 yards on stutter step. The ball hits the left post and bounces out, Busto following up on left blasts in 7 yarder to top of net.

62 min...Supra Adrian Llewelyn GOAL...Supra player near left sideline near center threads ball to Supra Danny Amaral who quickly passes left to charging Llewelyn who's in alone and he cuts towards goal and slides 10 yarder beyond sprawling goalie to right side of net.

84 min...Storm RED card...Fitzroy Powell gets a direct red card while in own end from referee Yakov Keimakh for something like swinging a punch at a Supra player. We weren't too clear on what happened.

87 min...Storm Grahame Nicholson GOAL...Storm Guillerno Estrada corner kick from left is over players in box and Nicholson heads 7 yarder from extreme right high and through goalie Michael Silva's hands just under bar.

90 min...Supra Daniel Nascimento GOAL...Nascimento following up on play as cross from left is through box as another Supra player had run too far forward and Nascimento charges in to pound in 7 yarder.

94 min...Game finally ends.

Final Score:........Durham Storm.............2...................Toronto Supra.................4..............

Attendance was about 100 which held for the evening as there were about that many for the earlier WCPSL Canada Cup game between Durham Region Allstars and Toronto Supra District Allstars. That game ended 0-0. A Storm official say the Windsor area team has been pulled from this ladies' league when their own district said they weren't fielding a true all-star team. Possibly a Brampton area team may take their place.

The game featured end to end rushes for parts of the game. The game got pretty rough but referee Yakov Keimakh didn't start giving out the yellow cards until the second half. Matt Gennaro of the Storm was injured at 76 minutes when he jumped for a high ball and a Supra player (not sure who) ran into him. Gennaro had to be carried to the sideline in the same position he'd fallen and had his legs up on the Supra bench while laying on the grass. An ambulance came after the game to treat his possible neck injury. Let's hope they were quick as it started to rain about 15 minutes after the game ended although the field was damp from rains earlier in the week... The ambulance drove over to him along the concrete track. It would be nice to know how the fantasy stadium designers would remove badly injured players from the sidelines. Drive a heavy ambulance on their delicately manicured lawns?

Toronto Supra this year has gone to a kit of black and white striped shirts with yellow numbers and was unreadable to me except with binoculars. Both teams had a list of their players but not their starters and sitting in the press box at this stadium I missed some of the subs that slipped into the game besides a few numbers on uniforms that weren't listed on the lineup. This was supposed to better than last week's circumstances when half the stadium lights wouldn't come on!

Supra win their first game after two losses. Storm fall to two losses and a tie.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday June 19th, 2005 CPSL game between Brampton Stallions and Vaughan Shooters played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 7:00pm.

9 min...Stallions Hugo Herrara GOAL...Herrara gets ball on left and from tough angle squeezes shot from 12 yards that tucks between goalie Gregory Drakes (who was playing for a cross) and the left goalpost.

34 min...Shooters Stalin Cardenas GOAL...VS Frankie Bruno runs down middle and passes to Cardenas on right who shoots 10 yarder to right side of net.

50 min...Shooters Joey Todaro GOAL...VS Jason De Thomasis cross from right is into BS box, Todaro is pushed ball and his 5 yard shot is blocked on left post by flying goalie Roy Blanche. Todaro puts in 5 yard rebound.

66 min...Stallions Hugo Herrara GOAL...BS Kevin McIntosh had 30 yard shot that deflects upward and falls into box where Herrara gets a diving header from 5 yards into right corner of net.

68 min...Shooters RED card...Danny Sanna gets a direct ejection for elbowing Hugo Herrara in the VS end on the right sideline.

69 min...Stallions Mladin Dikic GOAL...The Shooters goalie had just punched the resulting free kick away from 30 yard on right. Dikic on left has 15 yard shot tip off VS Justin Phillips and into left side of net just inside post.

77 min...Shooters Jason De Thomasis GOAL...DeThomasis blasts a 30 yard low free kick that tips off foot in player wall and rolls into left corner of net with goalie squatting on the right side.

85 min...Stallions RED card...Garfield McPherson gets a direct ejection for punching VS Darryl Gomez in the face near the center line. (Thanks for referee John Oliva filling me in on what happened after the game).

Final Score:..............Brampton Stallions............3..............Vaughan Shooters..............3.............

Attendance was about 90 on this mild evening that started off cloudy and became sunny after the first half hour of the game. Referee John Oliva warned players on both teams for the rough stuff early in the game; often one player on each team after a hard tackle. He finally game out a Yellow card at 45 minutes. The Red cards were certainly well deserved.

The Stallions still don't list a coach on their game sheets just president (owner) Joseph Fuliere. Corcel Blair acted as a player coach coming into the game at 54 min. Injured Stallions player Milodrag Akmadzic came out of the stands to coach but was sent away by the fourth official because he wasn't listed on the game sheet. His presense was missed in the Stallions defense but he'd injured his hamstring in their St Catharines Roma Wolves game on Wednesday. Goalie Roy Blanche had to be more aggressive this game coming out for through balls and almost got burned twice when passes were intercepted and he was caught out of goal. Stallions' owner Joseph Fuliere wasn't upset about the thin bench as he named off injuries and suspensions. The Shooters always have enough a full lineup to bring in fresh legs in the second half. The CPSL rules allow seven subs each game.

Shooters head coach Carmine Isaaco was not here after coaching North York Hearts in the Ontario Cup today. Club official Elio Scarcello said he was coaching about five teams. He made headlines in the local paper after being named head coach of the University of Toronto Blues.

This was the most exciting game I've seen so far this season as the game could have gone either way. A tie was a fair result for the hard work of each team. Shooters Aundre Rollins just missed an injury time goal by having his shot go wide right of the net.

Vaughan Shooters stay in first place in the weak East Conference with a 1-2-2 record. The early power this year is in the West Conference. With a completely balanced schedule again this year, I would prefer one combined table so the playoffs would be fairer. This could become a late 1960s NHL where the one conference plays off for who gets the role of the St Louis Blues. Stallions' record goes to 1-1-2 and they are second from last in the tough West Conference.

Rocket Robin


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