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Serbia - Italy (R) LIVE


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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

Fellow Ultras might be interested that one of the linesman from this match was THE poodle linesman who does losts of Lynx games - actually he & his compatriot on the other side were quite good, better than they are regularly at Lynx games.

He also did at least one of the Champions World games last summer. Can't remember which. Too bad Rogers Sky Centre Dome is too big to hear me and Juaninho yelling, "Poodle guy loves Def Leppard!" all by ourselves. He also did some linesmaning in Chicago for some FIFA game or another. JayWay and I met him once - VERY nice dude, actually. He's a U-Sector fan.

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quote:Originally posted by Rudi

Nice one Red Star.

You do realize that 'L.T' is Ontario Soccer Web's Lino Terra, right?

You should have just kicked him in the nuts while you were at it.

Sorry just got back from the UK...Yes, the great Lino Terra, so am I supposed to kiss his ass?? How about telling it like it is??
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