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Future TV options??

The Beaver

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Apparently a new Carribean/African channel is coming to Canada, and may prove a source of any games our nats play in the region. The following is from the CBC (to get the full article, go to the CBC.ca home page and check out the Entertainment section):

"Other programming – some which CATN officials say has never before been seen in Canada – will include news, movies, music videos, soaps and soccer matches from countries like Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Though CATN is currently available only on Rogers Digital Cable, Bindoo is working to get other national cable and satellite providers – including Bell and Shaw – on board. He said he would eventually like to see CATN offered as part of a basic cable package."

Now we need to get a Latin American channel, and we should be able to see most CONCACAF games live on regular cable. (Fingers are crossed.)

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I don't think we'll see Canada matches on there.

They claim to have a weekly Jamaican club match lined up and are looking to get "Africa Cup" (African Cup of Nations?) matches, but that's it for soccer. Their big sport is cricket, for which they already have a four-year contract for Caribbean and Australian cricket and "expect" to have the 2007 World Cup of Cricket. I suspect cricket will always be their focus with respect to sports.

Besides, it's currently available only on Rogers and will cost $15 per month.

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