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From TorontoUltras.net...

Expert TSN analyst Carl Fletcher has signed up for some serious pro soccer action.

A former Canadian international and serial European lower-league trialist, Fletcher is a welcome addition to the club, and is sure to help the team better last year’s porous backline. The combination of Carl to a defense featuring Joe Mattachione, Andres Arango, perennial Lynxster Rick Titus, and potentially another signing or two will help ensure that the club can compete at the back this season.

Carl has featured for a number of A-League clubs, including, Montreal, Rochester, Hampton Roads, and most recently Atlanta. He is returning from a one-year absence from the game, where he pursued television projects.

The addition of Fletcher means that the Lynx can now boast that two out of three TSN soccer analysts prefer the Lynx to any other Canadian A-League club! Expect to see Dick sign Vic Rauter as security assistant for Nicole's private box...


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