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Italy-Scotland Internet Broadcast

Massive Attack

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Should have caught this sooner, but the Italy-Scotland WCQ will be available on Rai's internet stream at three different times. You need to click here to watch the game:


According to my calculations, the game will be broadcast at the following times today:

4:05 ET

7:15 ET

11:45 ET

Also, the Italy-Scotland U21 game from Friday will be broadcast on Monday at 2:15 ET.

Rai's schedule is available here:


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Oh geez, I didn't think to check that, and I already downloaded it through BitTorrent. Well, at least I got a better-quality version.

I already found out the score accidentally :(, but no spoilers in this thread please!

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Did you ever use MaXxed Football Tracker? He got shutdown but has now opened MaXxed Football Forums where people post links to torrents that are tracked elsewhere so that he can't get shutdown again. After today's matches there will be 20+ torrents for this weekend alone.


You do have to register for the forum in order to read it but you don't have to give any more info than an e-mail address.

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