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Pubs showing soccer in Nova Scotia


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Anyone know of any pubs in NS that show games on Saturday and Sunday? PPV in particular would be helpful. I know Pitchman's shows PPV on Sundays occasionally, but only if you can get a big group going. They don't want to pay $40 for one person to come in and watch a match.

So anyways, hopefully there are some haligonians on this forum that might know of some other venues and might help me get a group going some Sunday or Saturday!


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Im in the halifax area frequently on weekends but i havnt been out to the pubs (for soccer anyways) Perhaps some of the irish pubs (the old triangle, split crow to name a couiple) show some games....and know the irish pub wher ei used to live showed games often.

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quote:Originally posted by Woody

aussoccerfan - I'm fifteen, and they say that as long as we're out by 9 pm it's alright. Do you support any team?

I thought that kids under age-19 couldn't go to pubs.



Who's your favourite NSSL SR team ? Do you have one ?


When did you turn 15 ? My birthday is June 3.

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