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Namibia: Drunk refs seriously warned

Joe Concacaf

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New Era (Windhoek)

January 19, 2005

Posted to the web January 19, 2005



LOCAL soccer referees have been warned to refrain from excessive alcohol consumption if they want to continue serving the sport as whistle men.

The warning comes from Edwardth Ndjadila, the vice-chairman of the National Soccer Referees Committee, barely four days before the first round of the 2005 edition of the NFA Cup kicks off in Tsumeb and Mariental.

Ndjadila said he had noticed that some referees, after receiving their weekend assignments, went on drinking sprees a day before league and cup matches.

"They start drinking excessively and sleep very late, resulting in a lack of sleep and eventually being unfit to handle a game," complained the referee boss.

Arguably the most experienced referee in Namibia, Ndjadila started handling matches in the mid 1980s after rounding off his playing and coaching career with Tigers FC in 1986.

Ndjadila's rant follows hot on the heels of that of NFA supremo, Petrus Damaseb who said at the launch of the NFA Cup last week that he would not tolerate under-performing referees.

The referee boss has thus asked his colleagues to be professional, dedicated and sincere when handling matches.

Although the NSRC does not have proof to punish errant referees, agents will henceforth be deployed to monitor the conduct of match officials who, if found guilty of misconduct, will face the full force of the NSRC's disciplinary structures, Ndjadila warned.


Perhaps this explains concacaf officials as well? Surely they can't be sober.

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quote:Originally posted by Loud Mouth Soup

"...refrain from excessive alcohol consumption..."

So just half a 40 before game time instead of the full one?

You really should save the other half for half time. I hate to say it but back in the 80s we had Portuguese refs from New Bedford in our Cape Cod Amateur SL games. They would show up with a package on to do the games. I saw one suck down four Sagres in about 15 minutes before a game.

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