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My forum-flooding explained


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I didn't go psycho. Soccerbeast had just crossed the line by innundating the board so I just made people realise exactly what it looked like. Soccerbeast was trolling (broken record for months, same rants in ridiculous numbers) and the mods needed to take notice.

I did this while knowing the mods were away to get some exposure and it was my intention to act with the board's best interest at heart.

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I have locked this thread by Daniel's request, not because he is being moderated. But for the record, I disapprove of Daniel's approach (he and I have discussed this and have come to terms), and a repeat won't be tolerated.

As for soccerbeast, everyone relax, he is being taken care of.

And if you have no idea what this is all about, please just move along. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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