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We Should Lobby FIFA...or Maybe Paul Martin


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Please hum to yourself the Sesame Street song "one of these things doesnt belong here" as you read this....

I think we need to lobby the Canadian government to annex one of those deserted arctic islands just north of Norway, so we can play in the European Zone like Turkey does...We would get kicked all the time, but I would rather lose fairly to a team of sportsmen, than have to continue to endure playing these Banana Republics with their players always rolling around on the pitch like they have been hit with a cannon ball, and their consistantly corrupt officiating. I am sick of this...it happens every time we play countries in this zone. Imagine if we could play civilized teams that showed proper sportsmanship and didnt make a mockery of the game itself. I cant watch this anymore!

Let all of those malaria ridden, countries throw bags of urine on each other's players all they want...Canada should not be part of it! Yes, we are in the same hemisphere, but we are world's apart in every way. It would be like England trying to qualify in a group consisting of nations in central Africa. I dont blame our players for not wanting to fly across the ocean for this....I am not sure I would either.

It seems like qualifying for the World Cup for our two nations has become less to do with the skill of the players and more to do with being able to survive the conditions that the teams are subjected to. It should be about soccer...thats it...not about dealing with idiot referees, or playing in 40 degree heat in the middle of the jungle.

The Western Hemisphere is divided by the Rio Grande...

We are closer to Europe in every way. culturally, socially, economically...even geographically! Competing in CONCACAF is a farce...it is so completely obvious that Canada and the USA do not belong in a group with all of these third world nations. The criteria should be more than simply what hemisphere you are located in geographically. There should be some consideration given to the compatibility in the make-up of each zone.

Israel plays in the European Zone because they are not compatible with the other nations in their area....i know that it is a much more pervasive issue, but on a sporting level, at what point is it no longer fair for us to have to endure this?

Maybe Canada, USA, and Australia should form a partnership and approach FIFA...our players would not have to travel as far in half the games...I think everyone would benefit...including EUEFA, who I am sure would love to gain access to the American market (and even Canada's...the 8th largest economy in the world). Economically, (which is often the most important thing to governing bodies like FIFA) the argument could easily be made for us to join with Europe. Television and advertizing revenue would skyrocket...it would help to promote the European domestic leagues in North America...as well as grow the game here, which FIFA obviously is desperate for...we are an untapped market, with the most potential for growth in the game anywhere in the world...I am sure that a qualifier between USA and Germany or Canada and England would pack the house....not like Belize and Guatemala, nations that we have no connection to whatsoever. Imagine a Canada/France qualifier in Montreal! or USA/Ireland in Boston...That would be good for both sides.

I am not sure how this could be done...but we need to figure it out...I think the first step would be to get the American's on side...their lobby strength might convince FIFA. I am sure they are sick of it as well.

The time has come. :(

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