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CPSL Week 10 results

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Result of the Tuesday July 20th, 2004 CPSL game between Metro Lions and Vaughan Shooters played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 7:00pm.

29 min...Lions Kareem Reynolds GOAL...Lions Justin Phillips cornerkick from left has goalie Robert Scala partially punch away ball and Lions Sasha Kosanovic heads from 10yards and Reynolds charging in from left heads in ball from 7 yards to top right corner of net.

42 min...Lions Gabriel Salustius GOAL...Salustius is fed ball from left and from 15 yards holds off goalie with fake and puts 10 yarder into short right side of net.

Final Score:.....Metro Lions..........2..............Vaughan Shooters............0...........

Attendance picked up to a peak of about 50 because of the early start with only 25 there by game time. The field was wet because of the heavy rains the city had in the afternoon and the threat of rain never subsided during this game.

The game got pretty rough in the second half and referee Michael Winstanley pulled out the Yellow cards for sliding tackles and knockdowns and some stupid back talking to the referee. The Lions had more chances to add to the lead in the second half (think Sunday's Toronto Lynx vs. Calgary Mustangs A-League game) but missed some sitters.

Courtney Campbell earned the shutout for the Lions with some big saves when called upon. The Lions defense blocked rebounds and cleared crosses sent into their box. Shooters started Joey Todaro and Jose Anikewe as their forwards but subbed Anikewe with Mathew Palleschi at only 25 minutes to get things going. Gabriel Salustius and Darryl Gomez were the more effective Lions forwards.

This game was a replay of one played Thursday June 24th which was called at halftime because of a thunderstorm. The Metro Lions held a 2-0 halftime lead in that game too. That game was wiped from the standings and so started from scratch. Ironically at halftime the skies opened up and there was quite a storm but no lightning so the second half started on schedule. Putting off the game by a month actually made it more attractive because both teams were on fairly long unbeaten streaks.

The scorer of the two goals in the June 24th game was Craig Patton but he wasn't in the lineup tonight as he's recovering from a groin injury. The Shooters were without striker Paul Sinisi who was injured in an Ontario Cup game.

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Result of the Friday July 23rd, 2004 CPSL game between Toronto Croatia and Durham Storm played at Memorial Park in Streetsville at 8:00pm.

8 min...Toronto Croatia Edin Kalic GOAL...Kalic heads in 5 yarder to left side of net after 10 yard shot by TC player is blocked on goal line. The ball bounced through the webbing of the net.

36 min...Toronto Croatia Wojceich Cwik GOAL...Cwik 12 yard roller through crowd of players in box into left corner of net after low pass is crossed from left.

83 min...Toronto Croatia Peyman Charkhzaryn GOAL...TC Rudy Spajic on left crosses from 12 yards and Charkhzaryn knocks ball in from 7 yards.

87 min...Toronto Croatia Zvyezdan Kresic GOAL...TC Edin Kalic back heels pass in box but Storm player gets control of ball. Kresic checks him on edge of box and his 15 yard shot gets through goalie Devon Spiers legs.

Final Score:............Toronto Croatia..........4............Durham Storm............0.....

Attendance was about 100 on this rather cool evening compared to the recent weather. The field was pretty chewed up because of the wet weather in the last week. Low passes and shots would sometimes hit a bump or rut and not get through.

The Storm's regular season record falls to 0-10-0 and they haven't scored a goal in CPSL league nor Open Canada Cup action for the entire month of July. They did tighten up their defense from their last three games of two 6-0 losses and one 7-0 result. The team did have enough chances to score but couldn't put the ball away. One good chance was when referee Vito Curalli awarded the Storm a freekick on the edge of the Toronto Croatia box because goalie George Azcurra didn't punt away a ball he'd picked up within six seconds. I'd heard about this new FIFA rule but never seen it actually enforced. A charging TC player in the wall was able to block a tapped freekick on the edge of the box. Azcurra had a few tough saves to make to earn the shutout. Storm goalie Devon Spiers wasn't particularly strong.

Toronto Croatia wingers Halburto Harris and Joseph Lewe provided good runs up the flanks and got some good crosses in to forwards Kresic and Leo Laurito. The Storm would often break up a play and Harris and Lewe would often check that player to regain that possession. During the second half until the last ten minutes, Toronto Croatia let the Storm back into the game and the teams played pretty even.

There was a worry that the officials would run out of game balls because Memorial Park is surrounded by a forest on the south and west, a raised embankment fenced off on the east and a baseball outfield over a short north fence. After the three balls there were some others but complaints that these warm up balls weren't fully inflated. Anybody remember that soccer poster with two teams playing on an island cliff edge surrounding the four sides of the field and the players crowded to one side as the ball has gone over the side on a 500 foot drop? That could have been a problem.

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