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Heart of Midlothian vs Millwall


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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by Heartofmidlothian

I'm from scotland and from wot i no there's no radio or tv coverage of the game. can ne1 tell me if a canadien station will hav it on and whether i could listen online.


Only option is to sign up on Millwall's site for the audio, as far as we have seen. All the best.

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There's no mention of the game on sportsnet's online TV listings. Are you guys sure it is on, and if so what time on Sportsnet East?

To heart of midlothian: I don't think you can get sportsnet online, but here's their sitet

www.sportsnet.ca You might be able to get it on a gray dish satellite, not sure.

If it's on here probably one of the lads would be willing to tape it for you if you pay his costs.

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