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Women's Voyageurs Cup East Match 10: Sud vs Tor [R


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<center>Women's Voyageurs Cup East 2004

Match 10Sudbury Canadians vs. Toronto InfernoSaturday, July 10, 2004 - 2:00 PM EDT

Cambrian College, Sudbury</center>

Match Previews


   » WVCE:  0-0-5  0-32  0  /  W-League:  0-0-10  10-58  0


   » WVCE:  1-0-3  4-9  3  /  W-League:  2-0-7  10-19  6

Voyageurs Cup

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Inferno Top Canadians 4-2

In temperatures reaching 30 degrees plus the Inferno took a two nothing lead into the second half on goals from Kate Bazos at the 25th minute and Naomi Egughi at the 37th minute mark. The Inferno out shot the Canadians 9 to 7 in the first half.

In the second half the Canadians respond early with goals from Lauren Podolski at the 50 minute mark followed by Megan Schutt at the 64th minute mark.

In what soon became a back forth context Lisa Collison put the Inferno ahead at the seventy seven minute mark on a questionable goal as the referee overruled the linesman's flag. The Canadians pushed forward and applied pressure but the Inferno took advantage of a quick transition with Kristen Turner scoring at the eighty fifth mark to solidify the win for the Inferno. The Canadians out shot the Inferno 8 to 3 in the second half.

In this game the Canadians introduced their tenth, seventeen year old player Stephanie Grenier.

Head Coach Frank Malvaso

“Stephanie played the whole game and defended well for her first time out. Stephanie is one of number of Sudbury Canadian players currently being recruited by NCAA and CIS schools. We are really excited about these young players and we feel quite confident that they will make a difference in the future as they mature and get more USL experience.

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Cambrian College Saturday, July 10, 2004 2:00 pm EDT

Weather: Sunny Attendance: 150


TOR: Bazos (Grew) 25

TOR: Eguchi (Bazos) 37

SUD: Podolski (Roach) 50

SUD: Schutt (Dec) 64

TOR: Collison (Grew) 77

TOR: Turner (Collison) 85


SUD: Roach 22, Duhaime 77



Referees: Claude Henoud, Greg Sutton, John Doiney

Goals Half1 Half2 OT1 OT2 Final

Toronto Inferno 2 2 4

Sudbury Canadians 0 2 2


Toronto Inferno 9 7 16

Sudbury Canadians 3 8 11


Toronto Inferno 2 4 6

Sudbury Canadians 1 1 2


Toronto Inferno 6 9 15

Sudbury Canadians 5 8 13


Toronto Inferno 1 0 1

Sudbury Canadians 5 2 7


Toronto Inferno 3 0 3

Sudbury Canadians 0 2 2

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Just for the record! MTCV 11PM TV sports news slow motion footage shows Inferno player off side by four meters on Inferno winning goal. Linesman raises the flag but ref over rules. Oh well! it even happens in the W League.

Despite the non-call the Inferno were full value for their victory

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