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CPSL Week 7 Results

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Results of the Tuesday June 29, 2004 CPSL game between North York Astros and Durham Storm at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 9:00pm.

34 min...Astros Daniel Jaroch GOAL...Astros Alen Majstorovic passes forward in middle, Jaroch dekes goalie Zane Hendrickson as he runs right and cuts 15 yard shot from right into top right corner of empty net.

46 min...Storm Jahmo Welch GOAL...DS had just been called for illegal cornerkick from left by referee Sylviu Petrescu and Astros defender was awarded a freekick. He crossed it along end line to goalie Arthur Zaslavski, Welch pressures him and both fall down, Welch recovers and boots ball into net before another defender can check him.

52 min...Astros Boris Krimus GOAL...Krimus rushes on right wing and with three Astros forwards rushing to left post, Krimus takes 20 yard shot into top left corner of net.

61 min...Astros Daniel Jaroch GOAL...Jaroch sent away from 45 yards on right, he races in on 2 on 1 and lobs low shot over sliding goalie from 15 yards.

78 min...Storm Ryan Dummett GOAL...Dummett rush to left end line but tucks in 5 yard shot from left into right side of net.

Final Score:.............North York Astros.........3..............Durham Storm...........2..........

Attendance was about 80 on this warm evening with the temperature gradually cooling. This is supposedly the last 9:00pm starting game as now games will start at 8:30pm. The City of Vaughan has a bylaw with The Soccer Centre that the spotlights will be turned off at 11:00pm which could cause problems if a game was still going on because of injury time. When I left though I didn't see the lights cut off. However starting at 8:30pm is more reasonable for the fans and players who have to work the next day.

Astros pick up their first win of the season while the Storm remains winless. Against each other, these two cellar dwelling teams looked good with plenty of end to end action, rushes, counterattacks, and scoring chances.

Daniel Janoch had two of the Astros goals but had plenty of chances to make a hat trick as some of his shots were off target. In the first half Storm's Jahmo Welch was touched a freekick on the edge of the Astros box and his 20 yard blast hits the diving goalie's hand, then deflects off the left post and hits his hands again and deflects wide left for a cornerkick. This looked almost the same as the Wayne Rooney goal in England's Euro 2004 game against Switzerland.

Referee Petrescu gave out two Yellow cards to the Astros and one to the Storm but it was the awarding of freekicks that really favoured the Storm.

Rocket Robin


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CPSL Canada Open Cup Round 2 game between Vaughan Shooters and G S United was called off after the rain storm. The field turf at the Ontario Soccer Centre was still wet with lots of puddles.

I suspect the game will eventually be played on the Simcoe Day weekend at the beginning of August much the same way that a few first round games were played on Friday and then the winners played a second round game Sunday.

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