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Women's Voyageurs Cup East Match 8: Tor vs Sud [R]


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<center>Women's Voyageurs Cup East 2004

Match 8Toronto Inferno vs. Sudbury CanadiansSaturday, June 26, 2004 - 7:00 PM EDT

OSA Soccer Centre, Vaughan</center>

Match Previews


   » WVCE:  0-0-2  1-8  0  /  W-League:  1-0-6  7-18  3


   » WVCE:  0-0-4  0-29  0  /  W-League:  0-0-8  9-52  0

Voyageurs Cup

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Result of the Saturday June 26, 2004 W-League game between Toronto Inferno and Sudbury Canadians played at The Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 7:00pm.

28 min...Inferno Katarina Bozos GOAL...Inf Lisa Collison cornerkick from left is low and cleared but Bozos gets 25 yard shot through crowd of players into top right corner of net beyond goalie Katharine McNamara.

40 min...Inferno Katarina Bozos GOAL...Inf Naomi Eguchi crossses from left and ball is only partially cleared and Bozos blasts 25 yard shot into left side or net.

84 min...Inferno Naomi Eguchi GOAL...Eguchi gets ball in middle and running diagonally to left cuts 15 yard shot from sharp left into right side of net.

Final Score:.........Toronto Inferno........3..........Sudbury Canadians...........0.........

Attendance was about 100 on this warm evening with the sun out for entire game. They were given long inflatable cylinderical balloons that when bounced together made a metal drum sound. A two man crew from MCTV in Sudbury came down to Toronto to film hilights and interviews that will be on their late night news as they will go to CFTO (CTV) Toronto studios to edit their footage. Of course no Toronto media were there.

Inferno had only three subs tonight including back up goalie Anne-Marie Witko so from other games I've watched I knew it was important for them to score early as they might tire late in the game. They brought in Naomi Eguchi after only 21 minutes to replace the injured Heather Gallacher. Jennifer Parker replaced Kirsten Turner soon after the first goal. Witko came in as a midfielder for newcomer Chiara Greco at 75 minutes. Also making her debut for the Inferno was Cat Penabaker.

Sudbury had enough subs to choose from to almost have a second team. The Canadians kept trying the long ball ahead to forwards Lauren Podolski and Megan Schutt throughout the game but mostly the defenders of Kanisha Campbell, Cat Penabaker and Kim Moore were able to stop these passes. Goalie Anne Ogundele earned the shut out and had a key sliding save running out to the edge of the box to poke away a ball. Regular defender Keisha Garrick was moved up as a winger and speedily ran upfield and got in some good crosses. She had a good move of rolling the ball with sole of her foot and changing direction and leaving the defender moving the wrong way. She must have pulled this off about six times against various defenders.

The Inferno didn't tire out after all and kept the ball in the Canadians end for much of the second half too. It was only the second win of the season against six losses for the Inferno this year while the Canadians are still looking for their first win and have now lost nine games. The two teams meet two weeks from now in Sudbury and with a long bus ride ahead and if the Inferno don't take a few more spare players players, the score could be reversed.

Next Inferno game is next Saturday night at 7:00pm against playoff contenders Montreal Xtreme.

Rocket Robin


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Thanks for the recap Rocket Robin!

quote:Originally posted by Rocket Robin

Next Inferno game is next Saturday night at 7:00pm against playoff contenders Montreal Xtreme.

This game was the only reason why I wished I was back in Toronto right now (I'm in Vancouver) ... I would have done ANYTHING possible to see the game when the Xtreme visited, but alas, it didn't work out.


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