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Voyageurs Cup Match 8: Vancouver vs. Toronto [R]


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<center>Voyageurs Cup 2004

Match 8Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Toronto LynxFriday, June 25, 2004 - 7:00 PM PDT

Swangard Stadium, BurnabyAudio updates (at :00, :15, :30, :45): News1130 AM Vancouver</center>

Match Previews


   » VC:  0-0-2  0-6  0  /  A-League:  6-1-4  12-14  19

   » Whitecaps preview page


   » VC:  0-1-1  1-3  1  /  A-League:  4-1-7  16-24  13

   » Lynx media release


Voyageurs Cup

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No problem, I had done the preview Wednesday night, and was waiting until you got your match previews up to add mine afterward. I do previews before all games (if I remember) as it makes me easier to to replace with the actual game reports after the match.

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I always check out your match reports, but I didn't realize you do previews as well. Next time I'll add you to the list. It's nice to have comments from fans, whether it's previews or (especially) reports.

Everyone is welcome (encouraged!) to do the same! I'm not really saving previews but all reports I can get my hands on are being archived and will eventually be made public.

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quote:Originally posted by snake

attendance 4700

sulentic two goals

krammerhead will probably get his stomach pumped tonight

You know, the beer was neccessary for this game. In a very odd scenario very many people came to talk with me tonight, many who wouldn't give me the time of day usually, all saying the same thing. Fonseca must go!

The final score of this match does not indicate the play, nobody deserved the win tonigh, and for the longest time it looked like it would be either a scoreless draw, or a 1-1 draw.

Very odd night.

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quote:Originally posted by Polish_LYNX_Fan

Gbeke is on trail rite? Apart from his goal did he play well?? because in montreal he play aight ( according to game reports) if he played well last nite I hope the LYNX sign him till teh end of teh season

So thats why he didn't have a name on his jersey.He wasn't in Vancouver long enough to have a cup of coffee when he was Whitecaps property so we didn't get to know him well.His goal was very well struck.Other than that he did not do much in the game.I think he'll make a good target man with his size.I think he is good in the air as well.

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