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CPSL Week 4 Results

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Result of the Tuesday June 8th, 2004 CPSL game between North York Astros and Brampton Hitmen played at the Ontario Soccer Centre in Vaughan at 9:00pm.

39 min...Hitmen Phil Ionadi GOAL...Ionadi in crowd of players about 22 yards out blasts kick into right corner of net that flying goalie Arthur Zaslavski gets a hand to but can't push wide.

49 min...Hitmen Ivan Jurisic GOAL...Jurisic in centre gets away shot from 20 yards to right side of net.

Final Score:.............North York Astros............0.................Brampton Hitmen.............2..........

Attendance was about 100 on this hot, humid evening. The late start of 9:00pm ensured no children were in the crowd. (Just like some of the posters on the Voyageurs board always dreamed). As we heard right after the game by a staff member of the Soccer Centre, the lights would cut off at 11:10pm by timer because of a city bylaw and the place would be in complete darkness. That's an encouragement to make sure the game starts on time. Fans should bring mosquito spray. This was the home opener for the Astros. All their games this year are scheduled for this field. Their home of last year Esther Shiner is having field turf installed (much like what they played on tonight). This Sunday the W-League Toronto Inferno has rescheduled their game for Esther Shiner Stadium from Birchmount Stadium which is never available until after the Robbie tournament.

Roy Blanche earned the shutout for the Hitmen. He's not very tall but has good leaping ability and pushed at least two balls off his crossbar. The game was fairly even with chances for both teams and after more games and practice, both teams' timing will be better as they were both being called offside a lot and missing that last pass or not shooting enough. Hitmen did not have any of their three players signed from Mexican club Deportivo Cruz Azul on the field tonight or on the bench. It was veterans Milodrag Akmadzic and Bayette Smith and Phil Ionadi who anchored the team.

Hitmen's assistant coach Pernel Mason was behind the bench tonight. He will be there another three games because head coach Steve Nijjar is still serving a suspension from last year for the way he protested a playoff game against Toronto Croatia. I at least confirmed with CPSL league director Stan Adamson that Toronto Croatia's player coach Vlemir Crljen is serving a much longer suspension.

Astros had Francisco Dos Santos and Mykola Voytsekhovsky get away some good shots. Referee Joe Fletcher kept play rolling along and tempers in check throughout the game.

Rocket Robin


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Didn't know they'd cancel a game for this reason. Anyway good thing I checked the fine print for the Croatia vs Supra starting time or I would have been half hour late...

Stan Adamson

CPSL soccer

Friday, October 11

Due to the passing last night of Mrs. Magdalene Gauss, mother, of London City Soccer Club owner Harry Gauss, the London City vs. Brampton Hitmen game scheduled for London tonight, has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.

The following games will be played tonight:

Memorial Park, Mississauga 8.00 p.m. Toronto Croatia vs. Toronto Supra

Civic Stadium, Oshawa 8.30 p.m. Durham Storm vs. Vaughan Shooters

And now on to next message.....

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Details of the Friday June 11th, 2004 CPSL game between Toronto Croatia vs Toronto Supra game played at Memorial Park in Streetsville at 8:00pm.

28 min...Supra Danny Amaral GOAL...TS Jarek Radzinski takes short throw-in from right side, TS player flicks with foot ball over his head, TC defender clearance try hits another defender and bounces loose for Amaral to take 5 yard kick near left post into right side of net.

45 min...TC Leo Laurito is injured when TS goalie Michael Silva slides out for two foot leg check and trips him. Referee Neil Schofield gives Silva a Yellow card and awards a Penalty kick.

46 min (injury time)...TCroatia William Giummarra GOAL...Giummarra rolls penalty kick to left corner of net as goalie slides forward.

67 min...Supra Danny Amaral gets rolled ball from right and while deking goalie George Azcurra while all alone on left just inside box, Azcurra grabs his foot and Amaral tumbles over. Referee gives goalie a Yellow card and awards a Penalty kick.

68 min...Supra Michael Deluca GOAL...Deluca rolls penalty kcik to left of net as goalie slumps in middle of net.

79 min...Supra Michael Deluca GOAL...Supra's Danny Amaral and Deluca end up in all alone on 2 on 0 break when player passes forward and these two charge over center line. Amaral passes over to Deluca when goalie slides out from 20 yards and Deluca rolls in 5 yard shot to short left corner of net. Toronto Croatia were pressing at the time but their defenders were ten yards inside the Supra end leaving two men open for this breakout.

Final Score:.............Toronto Croatia..........1..................Toronto Supra.............3..........

Attendance was about 130 on this warm evening. Some of the VIPs like Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion and the council general didn't make it but Conservative federal election candidate Nina Tangri was allowed to give a short halftime speech and take the ceremonial kick to start off the second half (they delayed the start of the first half as long as possible waiting for the no shows). Speech was dry and dreary. I guess I was expecting more improv like "I'm here to kick those Liberals out of office". She kicked the ball OK. "She's English" said a PA official. Yeah that accent is familiar could have had her cast as the mother in "Bend It Like Beckham". From election signs in that neighbourhood it looks like her main competition is Wajit Khan, car dealer who advertises heavily on The Fan radio station. Car dealer to politician? Is he moving up or down the 'people you trust the most' list of occupations?

Supra had the advantage play but both teams had their chances to win. The small field makes it very easy to turn the momentum around by starting a new rush and they're suddenly at the center line. 2004 team addition William Giummarra took most of the dead ball kicks.

Toronto Croatia players didn't take to kindly to being subbed (well at least the first two). Leo Laurito swore at the coach, the players on the bench and then booted one of the officials spare gmae balls deep into the woods while he left the field. Marko Bedenikovic did the same except for the ball kicking when he was subbed 18 minutes later. Good to see that they wanted to keep playing but doesn't show much for team disipline.

Supra's forward Ryan Gamble is still injured and hasn't been in a game this year. He asked me which teams looked the best in the league right now. Hmm I said although I've only seen five of the teams so far I thought Toronto Supra looked the best including their game against Boavista and Brampton Hitmen who I've seen in league action and an exhibition game where they beat the A-League Toronto Lynx.

I called out to Supra's Jarek Radzinski as he passed by on his way back to the dressing room. He will be in Kingston this week to watch his brother play for the National team. (Canada vs Belize). Jarek played a strong game on the wing tonight.

Rocket Robin


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Vaughan Shooters completed the double over Durham Storm with a 2-1 win at the Civic Stadium in Oshawa Friday and in doing so made it three wins and a tie in four games to lead the Eastern Conference with 10 points. The Shooters defeated Durham, 5-0, on May 30.

In one other game played in the Canadian Professional Soccer League Friday, Toronto Supra returned to action following their game with Portuguese First Division side Boavista on May 30 to defeat Toronto Croatia, 3-1, at Memorial Park in Mississauga.

The London City vs. Brampton Hitmen game scheduled for the Cove Road Field Friday, was postponed due to the death of Mrs. Magdalene Gauss, mother of Harry Paul Gauss owner and head coach of London City.

Jorge Molina opened the scoring for the Shooters with a goal at the 19th minute mark and the 1-0 deficit was made more difficult for Durham Storm when defender Anthony Jean-Paul was red-carded for serious foul play.

It was Durham who scored the next goal, however, when Jahmo Welch tied the game at the 58th minute, but three minutes later Marco Casalinuovo of Vaughan Shooters struck the winner in a defensive slip-up by Durham goalkeeper Zane Hendrickson.

Toronto Supra forward Michael DiLuca hit two second half goals, one a penalty kick to put the game out of reach of Toronto Croatia following a 1-1 tie at the interval. <br><br>

Danny Amaral put Supra one up after 15 minutes and Willy Giammarra tied the game 1-1 on a penalty kick for Toronto Croatia.

DiLuca’s two second half goals came after 62 and 73 minutes.

Mrs Gauss, who passed away Thursday night at St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, was a constant source of encouragement in the beginning and development of the London City Soccer Club for 31 years, a club well-known in the soccer community in southern Ontario and to many others throughout the country.

The club, based at the German Canadian Club at Cove Road in London, has been a family affair for many years and today Markus Gauss, father of owner Harry Paul Gauss, is president of the club and executive positions are held by Harry’s sons Sean and Ryan.

Funeral arrangements are still being made and will be announced over the weekend.

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Astros Tuesday roster...

12 Arthur Zaslavski

22 Jermaine Johnson...20 Cesar Pagliere (cpt)...2 Boris Krimus

19 Gabriel Salguero...8 Andrei Malychenkov...4 Alen Majstorovic...20 Cesar Pagliere...5 Peter Zorbas

9 Francisco Dos Santos...10 Mykola Voytsekhovsky

Subs:...1 Ryan Kelly (gk)...3 Ryan Thompson...11 Alex Braletic...14 Kurt Ramsey...15 Jaime Orozco...16 Jean Pierre Melotte...18 Raffy Der Bedrossian

manager Bruno Ierullo, coach Vittorio Villacis...assistant coach John Melotte...team officials Jose Diaz and Edward Elias.

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