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Soccer knowledge test at Toronto's Travel show

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Soccer knowledge test at Toronto's Travel & Leisure show

by Rocket Robin

The Travel & Leisure Show in Toronto—soccer question test. (The City of Toronto didn't have a booth).

I’m not going anywhere again this year but I still like to go to the semi-annual Travel Show in Toronto.

I thought I’d send in some soft questions for the staff behind the tourist booths. Team names? Where do they play? Etc.

Rochester had a big display and the two people I asked knew all about the Rhinos and the new stadium under construction. The old guy in the gray wig “E Scrooge, By Dickens” (on his business card) gave me exact directions to both it and Frontier Field right from the docks of the new cross lake boat that’s starting this summer.

I didn’t ask anyone from the Ohio State booth because they didn’t represent one particular city but their “Columbus Official Visitors Guide” on their Sports section has a paragraph about the Columbus Crew right after one from the Clippers (AAA baseball) but before Blue Jackets (NHL hockey), horse racing, bodybuilding, Ohio State University events, pro golf, charitable bicycle marathon, and park walking. Photos provided were one of a long shot of baseball action and the next page of soccer with caption of Edson Buddle winning a header. I didn’t bring a Rochester guide home but I’m sure the Rhinos were number two right after AAA baseball and ahead of AAA hockey, lacrosse, and Buffalo Bills summer training camp.

The city of Calgary was there. The 50-something lady didn’t know what the team was named but told me to wait just a minute and she walked over a few booths to ask a young guy at the general Alberta tourism table. She came back in a few minutes and apologized for not knowing.

Edmonton was there in the form of the West Edmonton Mall but the woman faked her way through. “We’re all very excited” but drew a blank on the team name.

Vancouver booth—I expected they’d obviously know the team so I asked general directions to the stadium. “Sorry I don’t know” said the guy.

Puerto Rico—Well they have an A-League team this year but I didn’t ask any questions. I was taken aback by seeing them promoting the Toronto Blue Jays vs Montreal Expos baseball series from July 1st to July 5th. It must really mean the baseball team in Montreal is through because from what I’ve gathered over the years, the Blue Jays team visit to Montreal was one of the few times in the year that the Expos could pull in a decent crowd.

I didn’t ask any questions to the European countries that had displays expecting soccer is so in the mainstream.

Trinidad & Tobago had eight posters of sports and two of them were of soccer games although the camera angles made it look like there were no spectators in the stands.

OK the absolute worst were the two women at the Belize table. I recapped the whole stadium situation about their national team having to move their scheduled home game to Canada but just drew confusion. “ You mean American football” said one, the other corrected her but said “You must mean Brazil, they play soccer”.

So fans it could be worse, but Canada still has a lot of work to do to put soccer in the mainstream.

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