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World Football Pages

Ian Kennett

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The monthly soccer paper to which Gian-luca generously refers is published in Vancouver BC. The paper covers all manner of soccer from national teams to international news to various European topics to local Vancouver soccer clubs, to humourous, witty, and satirical looks at all manner of soccer happenings. The publisher/owner Chris J. Vaughn Griffiths (who can be seen panhandling at subway stations every other Saturday) is the "Madman at the Helm" and puts together a pretty good rag.

The paper is a bargain, $ 2.00 per copy, and can be subscribed.

6 issues for $12.06 CDN, 12 issues $24.12 CDN postage and GST included.


World Football Pages

2012 Hamilton Street

New Westminster, BC

V3M 2P6

email: worldfootballpages@telus.net

web: www.worldfootballpages.com

Guys who can write about interesting soccer stuff are welcome to email Chris as the paper welcomes talented soccer fanatics who love the game.

Take a look or make an inquiry. I write for the paper and get paid one beer per article. I like to write, and make my living another way, but it sure is fun to interview national coaches, get behind the scenes at the clubs, watch soccer, meet people, "take the piss" once in awhile and hopefully, generate more interest in soccer. Plus, the beer tastes great!!

How about some looks at the CPSL, the Lynx, and the Impact from you soccer lads in the east?

Thanks Gian-luca for the nice comments. BTW Gian-luca puts his pen to paper for the WFP also. What a good lad!

Cheers, boys!

Ian [8D]

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