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Calgary FC needs a name (help)


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Hello all,

The new owners of Calgary's A-League squad are holding a "Name the Team" contest. Suggestions can be made via the Storm Watch Forum (since very few of you will be able to make it to the Calgary Soccer Centre). Submit your proposed team name there by Sunday night (Nov. 2nd) and a club employee will pull the submissions off on Monday a.m.

Visit http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/121256


If you are not from Calgary (as I suppose most of you are not) please indicate so on your post. The reason that I am asking non-Calgarians is that some of you may have a fresh, outside perspective that we locals may not have focussed upon.


While I do like good natured banter between rival clubs, I would ask that people refrain from posting joke names while this contest is on. Tell you what, I'll give you free reign to let us have it AFTER 12:00pm MST on Monday, November 3rd.

Sound fair?

Cheers and Good luck!!

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