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  1. Has this game been officially announced at BMO in Toronto? They probably don't want to play on turf, but Edmonton would likely get 30K fans mostly in support of Canada. Is Edmonton really still in the running for the 3rd window? It's a lot harder to get fans out to below zero temperatures.
  2. The thing that bothers me about Arfield is how some have made him into some sort of prima donna who is a bit of a jerk and not well liked at all. Sure, I think some players were a bit put out that he chose family and club. I'm sure that was a tough decision. Gerrard has been pressuring him a lot. He's not a young player anymore and his earning years are limited. When I hear Gerrard talk about Arfield he talks about Arfield being the hardest worker in training and on match day. Arfield does a lot for charity. You hear him interviewed and he seems soft spoken and shy. Some players might have been put out by his decision, but I don't think if he's brought back into the fold he's a guy players can't get along with. He seems like a very likeable person. If this window has taught us anything, 3 games is a lot. We were fortunate with injuries. What happens if we have a window where 3 or 4 players go down early with injuries. I hope Arfield is brought into the fold again in future windows. The more players of quality on the team, the better.
  3. Ok...let's not go overboard. There's still 11 games after tonight. The US look poor tonight so far. This games not done.
  4. Davies is a 20 year old built like a Cyborg. Get some fluids in him and into an ice bath. I'd be shocked if he isn't starting against El Salvador. I'll take that bet.
  5. I felt like Larin probably should have been on that ball Hoilett put across. It was a brilliant ball. He should have scored on the early chance Davies created. Tajon just slid one past the post. For a team that didn't want to have a go, we created a lot of good chances. Yes, we parked the bus, but we were dangerous in counter. We're not going to play this way when we're playing in BC. Davies coming back to Vancouver. There could be 50K people at that game.
  6. I feel like he's either really good or really bad. If he could cut some of the bad decisions, he'd be quite good.
  7. 20 years old and one of the fittest soccer players on the planet. If anyone can play all three it has to be him.
  8. Ritchie threaded the ball through to David just before half and had David squared it over, Tajon was unmarked and would have had a tap in. He made a nice little run in the box where Hoilett found him and put a dangerous ball across that was behind David, but where was Larin? He picked up the ball on our half with the Honduran defender right with him and just pulled away from him. Laryea showed so much pace. This was the reason we got the penalty. He got it all wrong taking the shot on 87th minute when he should have put it across the box. On the whole though, he was pretty dynamic. I think we're splitting hairs between Johnson, Davies and Laryea. They were all good. David and Larin, were not good at all. I've seen enough to know both can be better. I know most of you have already written 3 points on the board for Honduras in their home game. 50 years of history, Concacaf, gamesmanship, I get it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say we get a win or a draw in Honduras. We're the better team.
  9. The Honduran 100% initiated the contact. It's also a penalty. There has to be some situational awareness. He was not in a position where he was going to score. You have to know the player is going to look to initiate contact. Tajon just had to look to avoid contact and block the cross or shot. There was no reason to look to make a play on the ball there. We can't disregard Tajon's abilities either. He had a bad half of football. There are many plays in that kid that are going to help Canada make the world cup.
  10. We got the ball into dangerous positions far more than our opponents. David and Larin both had opportunities and missed or were blocked. It seemed when we should have shot we passed, and when we should have put it across the box we took on the shot. The bounces didn't go our way. There's so many rules. We have to win at home, we can't get a result away. It's time to break the rules. I believe we can get results away from home. We had the chance early at the 3 minute mark. The one bright moment for Tajon and one we very well could have scored on this early chance. Then we were absolutely awful for the next 40 minutes until they got their goal. The panic button got switched on and we were much better. The US had a similarly frustrating game. They couldn't find the final touch either. I still feel pretty good about our chances.
  11. US tied 0 - 0 with El Salvador. Mexico gets a late winner. I somehow feel better about our draw now.
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